Throwback Thursday- Brianna 3 Months

Brianna was a joy as a baby! She had the most infectious little giggle- and she has kept it to this day. Her laugh can get anybody laughing! Her three month pictures are some of my favorites of her. I loved the outfit that she was wearing..I called it her little Anne Geddes outfit because it reminds me of clothes you would see in pictures the amazing photographer takes. So for today’s Throwback Thursday my favorite picture from her 3 month photo shoot. Oh how I loved those chubby cheeks!!!

Brianna three mos 1

Just 12 more days until she turns 9…I still can’t believe it!!

Throwback Thursday- Brianna Michelle

In a couple of weeks the girl who made me a mama will turn 9. Sometimes I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that I’m old enough to have a 9 year old! I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since this ball of energy with a personality that’s bigger than her came screaming into our lives! Our world forever changed the day she entered this world. Brianna is a very strong willed child. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t. She is very independent. She was born a diva! She is so smart- too smart for her own good sometimes! And even though we butt heads a lot I wouldn’t change her for anything! That strong willed, independent personality is going to serve her well in this life, as long as we can teach her to channel it when and where appropriate! I’m grateful for her infectious laugh and the way she loves her brothers. She is definitely the princess in our home. (That doesn’t mean she gets when she wants all the time though, much to her dismay!!) I love this girl so much!

I thought for the next few Throwback Thursdays I would share with you a few of my favorite pictures of Bri. She has always been so photogenic and taking pictures of her is always so fun.

First up, her first official photo: her hospital picture.

Brianna birth

Her Stats:

Weight 7 lbs. 6.5 oz

Length 20 1/2 inches

Born November 19, 2004 at 3:24 am

Labor about 13 hours, delivered with the assistance of forceps after about 2 hours of pushing.

Head full of black hair

Looked just like mommy as a newborn (has since started looking more and more like her daddy)

Instantly had everyone who met her wrapped around her finger.

I knew immediately our lives would never be the same!

We love you Brianna Michelle!

Throwback Thursday- Honeymoon Edition

Hey there everybody! It’s time for another Throwback Thursday. Since I spent all this time counting up to our Anniversary (which was awesome by the way, I’ll be sharing more later!) I thought I’d share some pictures from our Honeymoon in Hawaii, since 10 years ago we were there! And man, do I wish we were there right now. It’s FREEZING today!!

We spent 6 days in Waikiki and loved every minute of it. We hiked Diamond Head, chilled on Waikiki Beach, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, wandered through outdoor markets and just reveled in being in love. Hawaii is definitely the most beautiful place I have ever been. We hope to go back for our 20th anniversary and take all the kids so we can share it with them. By then Brianna will be 18, Jonah 16, Micah 14 and Eli 11. We figure at those ages they should appreciate it! Better start saving now!! lol

So without further ado…

surfer diamond head luau

We took so many pictures in Hawaii! I obviously only chose 3 because I can’t possibly share them all. If you’d ever like to see the scrapbook I made let me know. I’m trying to scan all my pages and digitize them. Maybe that should be my next project!!

Next up on Throwback Thursday…Brianna is getting ready to turn 9! I think it’s time for some baby pictures! Have a great one!

Throwback Thursday- Let’s Get Married!

Tomorrow is the big day! Have I mentioned recently that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary?!? lol- For today’s Throwback Thursday I thought I’d share some wedding photos. I know I’ve shared some before that were taken by our good friend Dionne Newton. Today I thought I’d share some of the professional photos taken by Kim Schmidt who has since died from cancer.

I know that every girl thinks her wedding was the best wedding ever. Well, mine was! The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was a blast! People were on the dance floor the whole night. The food was delicious. The cake was amazing! There was none left at the end. Luckily I ate 2 pieces! lol- I was exhausted by the end. It was the best day ever! I look at the cost of weddings today and it blows my mind. I heard the average wedding is now costing $25,000. Our entire wedding, including our 6 day honeymoon in Hawaii was a fraction of that. And I wouldn’t change a thing!

kari wedding

steven wedding

the couple

wedding party

Adkins family

Fischer family


cake kiss

kari and boys

steven and girls

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! And then I go back and look at the pictures and I believe it! Especially when I see Michelle, Steven’s little sister. She turned 20 last week!! (Yep, the little blonde in the pictures is now 20!!) It’s incredible to think of all that has happened this past decade. One thing that hasn’t changed though- how much I love this man! I am so glad that I said yes when he asked me to be his wife. It’s been a journey but I’ve never regretted it for a minute!

I love you Steven, and I’m gonna love you forever!


Throwback Thursday- We’re Engaged!

Next Friday is the big day…October 18, 2013…10 years of marriage for Steven and I. For today’s Throwback Thursday journey through our relationship I thought I’d share my favorite engagement photo.


When we got engaged people were really just starting to do those awesome editorial type photos for engagements and weddings like you see today. Frankly, we just didn’t have the money to have those kinds of photos done. So we went old school and went to Olan Mills. I still love these pictures. We even got 3 canvases with our portrait package that I love! I need to get those suckers back out!

Yes, we were young! We got engaged on my 20th birthday and Steven turned 24 that July. We got married 18 months later at 21 and 25. I like to think we haven’t changed that much! lol

So there you have it! Another Throwback Thursday. The weekend is almost here! Yea!

Throwback Thursday- Christmas 1999

Steven and I met when I started working at Thriftway on Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights in April of 1999. By November of ’99 we were dating. Thriftway closed in the summer of 2000 and the building has been torn down since then. We drive by the spot where it was often as it’s on our way to church and it sits at the entrance of NKU. Sometimes when we drive by I can still see it sitting there.

SCAN0127 SCAN0126(Sorry that last scan was so funky! I don’t know why it added so much at the bottom and the computer I am on doesn’t have a good editing system!)

A few things to note: 1) Once again Steven’s Sun-In blonde hair!

2) The Rachel from “Friends” haircut I am rocking. Oh yeah! Rocked that look for years!!

  3) Those high waisted, stonewashed jeans. Yeah, that’s a good look (said no one ever!)

Once again, good, good times! We are now 15 days away from the big anniversary! I hope you all are enjoying this trip down memory lane as much as I am!

Throwback Thursday: Photo Booths

One of the things that Steven and I loved doing when we were dating was getting pictures done in photo booths. You always end up with some pretty funny pictures when you get in those things. They are always a tight squeeze so half of someone’s head ends up missing or you are all scrunched down so it looks like no one has a neck! But they are fun and we ended up with some neat memories being captured in those booths! And who knew they’d become all the rage and that people would end up having them at their wedding receptions just a decade later! Below is one of my favorite “Photo Booth Photo Shoots” taken somewhere around the end of 2000, beginning of 2001. I would have been around 18/19 and Steven would have been around 22/23.


Good times! Just 2 weeks more until that big 1-0 anniversary! Keep coming back for more Throwback Thursday episodes!

Throwback Thursday- Snowball Senior Year

In about a month Steven and I will celebrate a milestone anniversary…10 years of marriage! One month after that we hit another anniversary…14 years of being together. We started dating my Senior Year of high school and have been going strong ever since! I thought it would be fun to post an old photo of us every Thursday from now until our anniversary on October 18th.

First up, one of my favorite photos ever…Snowball 2000. We went to dinner at Don Pablo’s with a few friends before the dance. It was our first dance together since I made a pact with my girlfriends our Freshmen Year that we would never take a date to Homecoming, we would always go stag together. It became a fun tradition for our four years of high school. Plus, Steven and I really weren’t dating when Homecoming of my Senior Year rolled around anyway so it worked out good.


I love this picture for so many reasons! I loved my dress! I LOVED my hair! It took my mom 2 hours to curl all those ringlets but it actually stayed in all night and I wore it to church the next day like that! It was amazing! But I LOVED Steven’s hair!! I laugh every time I remember his Sun-In blonde hair! My friends called him Lance Bass! I guess I can see the resemblance! lol


I have great memories of that dance, our first dance as a couple. Good times!!