Throwback Thursday- Snowball Senior Year

In about a month Steven and I will celebrate a milestone anniversary…10 years of marriage! One month after that we hit another anniversary…14 years of being together. We started dating my Senior Year of high school and have been going strong ever since! I thought it would be fun to post an old photo of us every Thursday from now until our anniversary on October 18th.

First up, one of my favorite photos ever…Snowball 2000. We went to dinner at Don Pablo’s with a few friends before the dance. It was our first dance together since I made a pact with my girlfriends our Freshmen Year that we would never take a date to Homecoming, we would always go stag together. It became a fun tradition for our four years of high school. Plus, Steven and I really weren’t dating when Homecoming of my Senior Year rolled around anyway so it worked out good.


I love this picture for so many reasons! I loved my dress! I LOVED my hair! It took my mom 2 hours to curl all those ringlets but it actually stayed in all night and I wore it to church the next day like that! It was amazing! But I LOVED Steven’s hair!! I laugh every time I remember his Sun-In blonde hair! My friends called him Lance Bass! I guess I can see the resemblance! lol


I have great memories of that dance, our first dance as a couple. Good times!!