Throwback Thursday- Honeymoon Edition

Hey there everybody! It’s time for another Throwback Thursday. Since I spent all this time counting up to our Anniversary (which was awesome by the way, I’ll be sharing more later!) I thought I’d share some pictures from our Honeymoon in Hawaii, since 10 years ago we were there! And man, do I wish we were there right now. It’s FREEZING today!!

We spent 6 days in Waikiki and loved every minute of it. We hiked Diamond Head, chilled on Waikiki Beach, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, wandered through outdoor markets and just reveled in being in love. Hawaii is definitely the most beautiful place I have ever been. We hope to go back for our 20th anniversary and take all the kids so we can share it with them. By then Brianna will be 18, Jonah 16, Micah 14 and Eli 11. We figure at those ages they should appreciate it! Better start saving now!! lol

So without further ado…

surfer diamond head luau

We took so many pictures in Hawaii! I obviously only chose 3 because I can’t possibly share them all. If you’d ever like to see the scrapbook I made let me know. I’m trying to scan all my pages and digitize them. Maybe that should be my next project!!

Next up on Throwback Thursday…Brianna is getting ready to turn 9! I think it’s time for some baby pictures! Have a great one!