What Do You Do All Day?

When you are a stay at home mom people often wonder what you do all day. Even the well meaning husband may ask “So what did you do all day?”. If he’s smart he never asks that question again! lol But it’s easy to understand why people are curious. I mean, when you go to work outside of the home your day has a very definite ebb and flow to it. It’s hard to imagine what you could do at home all day. So I thought it would be fun to document what I did during the course of a day. I have to start out and say that this was a really good productive day. A lot of days do not look like this! But you will get the general idea.

6:30 am Eli wakes up. I lay in bed with him for a while then give up that he’s going to let me sleep a few more minutes and go downstairs.

6:40 am Coffee….AHHHHH! I nurse Eli while I’m nursing my cup of Joe. It’s quiet and I enjoy the peace before the house comes alive.

7:00 am Wake up Bri and Jonah. They get themselves dressed and come downstairs when they are ready.

7:20 am Breakfast for Bri and Jonah. This morning it’s Cookie Crisp cereal and bananas. It’s Friday- I’m surviving! lol

7:40 am Practice spelling words with Jonah one more time before his spelling test. Sign planners. Teeth get brushed and shoes are on.

7:55 am The bus arrives.

8:10 am Wake up Micah for school. Get him dressed and get his breakfast.

8:20 am Dress Eli.

8:30 am Micah gets some play time before school. I unload and reload the dishwasher and do a quick pick up of toys that Eli has been playing with.

8:50 am Get boys loaded in the van to take Micah to school.


We pull out of the driveway at 8:51.


9:03 am Pull out of school parking lot. Decide to hit Starbucks on the way home for a salted caramel mocha and a couple of vanilla bean scones. A very rare treat!

9:25 am Pull back in driveway. Unload and put Eli down for a morning nap. Spend a few minutes enjoying my coffee and scones in the quiet. Make a few mental notes of things to get done today.


9:45 am Bathrooms are the #1 priority today. I gather up my supplies and get to work.


10:02 am The downstairs bathroom is now clean and put back together. I noticed finger prints on the glass door in the entry so I decided to clean the door and go ahead and sweep and mop that floor too.  I move all the cleaning supplies upstairs.



10:30 am The kids bathroom is cleaned and put back together. Eli wakes up his very short nap. I move the cleaning supplies to my bathroom with hopes of getting it done during his afternoon nap. I get Eli out of bed and go downstairs. I fix myself a glass of ice water and curl up on the couch for some snuggle and TV time.  I play a round of “Diaper Head” with Eli during a diaper change.



11:20 am My episode of “Revolution” is over. I go upstairs to put in a load of towels and read with Eli until we have to go pick up Micah. When Eli got tired of reading I decide to go through his closet and took out his 6-9 month old clothes which are FINALLY too small!!




Yeah I don’t think we need that infant bouncer anymore either!

11:50 am Walk out the door to pick up Micah.

12:15 pm Walk back in the door with Micah. It’s time for lunch: PB & J sandwiches, apple slices and pretzels. (Plain PB for Eli with an applesauce pouch and pretzels)

12:40 pm Lunch is finished. I help Micah get on cool-mathgames.com on the computer and then load the dishwasher. I go upstairs to change out the laundry. I notice that our bed didn’t get made this morning so I quickly make the bed, open the curtains and blinds. I unload the dryer from the night before and put the towels in the dryer. I fold the clothes and put them away.

1:05 pm I come back downstairs. Micah asks for help to get on disneyjr.com. I go out and bring the garbage cans up from the curb. I grab some water and take some Aleve for my wrist. I decide to do some blog reading and ice my wrist for a while.

1:45 pm I put Eli down for his afternoon nap.

2:45 pm Go upstairs and fold and put away the towels. I decide while I’m up there to go ahead and clean my bathroom before the kids get home from school.


3:15 pm Go back downstairs and sit down for a short rest. I can definitely tell I’ve done a lot today. I’m running out of steam! Eli is still asleep. Micah is playing animals and cars in the playroom.

3:45 pm I take Micah outside to play until the bus come. Eli is still napping. Micah plays with his Little Tykes car and then we play baseball for a while.



4:15 pm Micah says he’s hot and the bees are bothering him. I hear Eli start crying through the open window. We go inside. I get Micah some water and turn on Doc McStuffins. I change Eli’s diaper and get him a snack.

4:20 pm Brianna and Jonah get off the bus. Jonah gets an applesauce pouch for snack and Bri heads upstairs to tidy up her room so she can call a friend to play. Jonah watches some cartoon.

5:00 pm The kids decide to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I answer some emails.

6:20 pm Brianna and Micah are bored with the movie and head outside to play. I put pizzas in the oven for dinner.

6:40 pm Dinner is ready. I call Bri and Micah in to eat.

7:00 pm Dinner is finished. Load the dishwasher and get it running. Steven gets home from helping set up for a women’s retreat at church. He eats and then sits down to spend some time with the kids before bed.

7:40 pm We get the kids in showers and pajamas.

8:15 pm All the kids get put to bed except for Eli. Steven and I spend some time alone with Eli.

9:00 pm We put Eli in bed and then Steven heads off to bed too. He’s getting sick (and will actually end up spending the whole weekend sick and miss 3 days of work the next week!)

10:00 pm I head off to bed. It’s been a long day and I’m beat!

So there you have it! A day in our life! Like I said, that was a really productive day. I woke up that morning with a lot of energy and knew it was going to be a good one! Unlike the last 2 days since I’ve been down with this cold! lol

I hope you enjoyed this peak into our life! I’m linking this up to Welcome Home Wednesday over at Raising Arrows.

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