31 Day Organization Challenge- Update #1

So, Laura over at OrgJunkie is giving us an opportunity if we’d like to give an update on how our spaces are shaping up for the 31 Day Organizational Challenge. Since I was so embarrassed by my before pictures I’d LOVE to show you what I’ve gotten done! I needed some quick results to give me some pride and a kick in the pants so I started with the obvious…cleaning up the space!!! Going around the room in the same format I’ll show you the before and after. One thing you’ll notice right away is that the walls are painted! This is one of the only rooms in the house that was never painted or decorated in any way since we moved in 5 years ago. My husband and I agreed that if we are going to do a total purge we might as well get it painted and decorated too! I love our color scheme (French Country Blue, Charcoal Gray, White and Black). It already feels like a different room and I haven’t even touched the bathroom or closet yet! (The bathroom is on tap for this weekend…hopefully!) So without further ado, here’s my progress from this week!
I started by making sure I had bags for garbage and recycle and a box for shred items. After I took the picture I realized that I needed boxes for sorting and donations too so I grabbed those, but I didn’t retake the picture 🙂
The view of the door and TV stand before.
View of door after
TV stand after
View of Steven’s side (closest to the closet) before
View of Steven’s side after
Steven’s dresser before
Steven’s dresser after- the candle decoration on the top is from Wal-Mart. It only cost $5!! The votives inside were only $0.50 each. $6.50 total for a chic decoration…not too shabby!!
The top drawer of Steven’s dresser before. I can’t believe all the stuff that was in there!!
The top drawer after! Ahh…this is so much better!
Closer look: a lighter (gotta set the mood sometimes! lol), shoe polish, a crystal dish to empty loose change and Chapstick and the box with the kids picture holds some keepsakes like our daughter’s teeth that she’s lost! lol
On this side is the organizer that once sat on the top. It holds his eye glass cleaner, inhaler, some religious items, a watch and watch batteries, tie clips, class ring and lapel pins. The closed compartment also holds foreign currency that my husband kept on some overseas trips. In the back is his lonely pocket square. He’ll probably never need it but you never know!
This box holds things that came out of that top drawer that I didn’t know what to do with.
The top drawer of Steven’s nightstand before.
The top drawer after. I left him his Bible, our Liturgy of the Hours book, a journal, his eye glasses and his bag of Snickers minis from Valentine’s Day.
The top of Steven’s nightstand after. If you look in the above picture from his side of the room you can see what the before looked like.

My nightstand before.
My nightstand after.

This is my Middle of the Night basket. It holds things that I wouldn’t want to be searching for in the middle of the night if I have, say a sick child wake up. Things like a themometer and covers, a medicine dropper (don’t worry, no medicine!), a dosage sheet for Tylenol and Motrin, etc. It also holds a few pens and highlighters (I often read with a highlighter), some hand cream and my lavender linen spray.

My top drawer before.
My top drawer after. I know it still looks like a lot but I had a really hard time whittling it down to less that this. Our remote controls (TV, DirectTV, and Sony TV), a bag of “fun” items (wink, wink…hey! I don’t have 4 kids for nothing! lol), some journals, prayer calenders and a devotional book, Post-It notes (I read with these too!!), bookmarks and several books I’m working through (Sudoku, The Happiness Project, The Total Money Makeover) and a reading journal.
Bottom drawer before.
Bottom drawer after: now it just hold my hand held massager, the different heads for the massager (in the bag) and the heating pad. 
 Remember these insane piles of crap?!?! 

Here’s the same space now! All those clothes have been bagged/boxed up for the consignment store. The Spring/Summer stuff is on it’s way there this weekend. The winter stuff is in the attic and will be taken this winter. Whatever the consignment store doesn’t take they’ll donate for us so it’ll never enter this house again. Thank you very much!

 So as you can see I’ve made some good progress this week. Our bedroom is pretty much purged and organized. Next is the bathroom (and hopefully it will get painted too!!) and then the closet. I’m saving the closet for last because it intimidates me the most. Hopefully I’ll feel so proud of what I’ve accomplished by the time that I get there that it’ll be no sweat when the time arrives. So that’s my update. Can’t wait to keep going and get our Master turned into the retreat I’ve always wanted!!! Come and check out everyone’s progress at OrgJunkie.

More house pictures- finally!

I realized that I never really took you all on a tour so that you could see the inside of our house, and not just the outside! While we do like the outside, we really love the inside too! The layout of the house is so open and spacious, definately a step up from the condo!!! 🙂 I thought I would do my best to take you on a tour, the way that you would see each room if you were actually here. Since you would walk into the house through the dining room we’ll start there! I apologize now, some of the pictures are blurry, and some a darker than I would like. I think it’s time to upgrade the camera (any suggestions of a really good camera that takes amazing digital pictures and won’t wear out in a few year!?!?!?!) Hopefully you’ll be able to get the general idea. A couple of weekends ago we spent the whole weekend painting. The dining room is ornate gold from the Biltmore Estates collection by Olympic paints. It is really pretty, and not as orange as some of these pictures make it look…even though we did joke while we were painting that it looked like a hot dog stand exploded all over the room. It dried really pretty though, and we love it! The furniture and stuff is Mom’s. She has fallen in love with the rustic stars motiff over the last few years, and I have to admit it looks very pretty, and more formal than you would think when paired with the black furniture and gold walls. Mom also made the curtains. She’s not thrilled with them, and will probably end up redoing them one day, but for right now I think it’s all perfect! Okay, so here’s the pictures!

This picture is one of my favorite Greg Olsen pictures ever. It was a wedding present from my dear friend, Megan (Howard) Hess and hung in the entry way at our condo. Them frame and colors all worked so well together I knew it had to hang in the dining room. Every time I see it I think of Megan, so thank you! We still love it! It is a very special part of our home!

And just some fun pictures for you! My mom brought home some really good salsa from the store the other day. I love salsa and this stuff was amazing! It’s made by local farmers so unless you live in Northern Kentucky you won’t find it. But the kids also loved it! They were sitting on the kitchen table shoveling it in! Literally, Jonah was using chips as a shovel for the salsa. What funny kids! (And yes, Bri is wearing a slip! Don’t ask why… I think she was playing dress up!!!)

House Pictures

Okay, so a week later I am getting around to posting pictures of the new house. I took these about a week ago, but not much has changed….except that we now have several holes in our ceiling due to a pipe leak to complete the burn marks on the walls, and the missing vinyl flooring in the kitchen! When it rains it pours. But one thing that I’ve learned very quickly, just because it’s a new house, doesn’t mean it won’t have its fair share of problems! So here’s some pics of the house. These are just of the outside. I hope to be able to take a video soon so that I can give you all a video tour of the house, but I need to get it in some kind of order first!!!

The same night I took some pics of Bri and Jonah playing in the sprinklers. They laid our sod the Wednesday that we moved in. That has been a full time job, keeping it watered twice a day. Each spot has to be watered for an hour at a time, so we estimated we were watering about 8 hours a day. Why? Because we only had one outside water spiket! So, Steven and his dad ran us two more. Now the watering gets done in half the time, but I still don’t want to see our first water bill. The kids, however, are loving it! Even as I write this they are outside in the sprinklers and playing in buckets of water! Oh to be a kid again!

Well, I guess that’s enough for one day. Got to start making dinner! We’re taking advantage of the fact that the rain has broken for a few days and grilling out! Yummy!

New house, new homeowners claim?!?!?!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a real quick blog to let you know that we are moved and into our house! We had a lot of help last Saturday (3 sets of missionaries and Nate Nelson! Let me tell you- he is a moving van packing machine!!!!! Plus, Bro Tipton, Carrie Tipton, Judy Wright, well lots of help!!!) and it was great! We are working now on unpacking. It’s going pretty good! And we finally got our sod yesterday in our front and side yards, and seed in the back, so we’re working now on keeping it watered since it can’t seem to rain here for more than 5 minutes! (I really don’t want to see this water bill!!!)

We did have one set back while we were in the process of moving that kinda sucked! We moved some loads of boxes and stuff over ourselves on Wednesday that we didn’t want to put on the truck. The cable guys were coming on Thursday morning to turn on the cable, so mom came to sit out at the house and do a little unpacking. When she walked in she smelled something kind of sweet. She thought maybe it was the air conditioner so she went to go check and it was fine. As she was coming back upstairs she saw the stove and a box that was sitting on the stove turn bright red. She ran over and picked up the box and it went up in flames!!! Somehow, when that box got sat on the stove (bad idea- don’t do that!!!!) it somehow triggered the on button and that box had sat there smoldering all night long. When mom picked it up it got enough oxygen under it to engulf it. She ran outside screaming about the fire and some men working on the house across the street (who don’t speak english! They’re Mexican!) heard her and came running over. They threw the box outside, along with a few more that had gotten sparked off the first one and got the fire put out. Thankfully, no one was hurt! I’m still not sure how that happened but we were truly blessed. Thank goodness for home owners insurance because we’re looking at $1200+ in repairs. But the house is still standing so it’s all good! But I always thought the saying was new house, new baby! Not new house, new homeowners claim!

Okay, so this short post has turned into a long one, but I wanted to let you all know that we are still here. Now that the internet is working I’ll get some pics posted this weekend of our lovely new home!

Really good news on the house front this week! They began dry walling today and brick will begin going up tomorrow (although with all the rain we got today and are expecting tomorrow I won’t be holding my breath for that one!)
We got an offer on the condo! It came back $4000 less than we were asking so we said no way and stuck to our guns until we got to the minimum we said we’d take. I’ll tell you what though! People really want something for nothing these days. It never ceases to amaze me how cheap people are! They had an inspection on the condo today and if all goes well we are scheduled to close on June 15th! The best part is that we close on the new house on June 18th so won’t have to impose on anyone for very long while we are waiting for our house to be finished! We should be in before Independence Day! YEAH!!!!!!
We went over to the house about a week ago and took some pictures. Here’s what it looked like then.

This will be our kitchen.
This will be our living room.

We are very excited! It feels now like this is actually going to happen and we just can’t believe it! Parties at our house this summer! (I love how that sounds!!!!!)

I’ve been trying to upload a new video of the kids that is particularly funny but Blogger won’t let me right now so I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Look for it- you won’t be disappointed!

Hairy House Update

I can’t believe I didn’t post these pictures yet- they are actually outdated as of this week! I guess Bri’s little incident with Benadryl threw me off task!

These pictures were taken last Tuesday out at the house. I drove over there with some friends after class to show them where we would be moving to. I couldn’t believe it when we were driving up and I realized that the framing I was seeing was for our house! By Friday the second floor was framed! And, here’s a better one for you… we went over on Saturday of the same week and we had a roof! As of yesterday, all of the windows were in! Have I said yet that this is going really fast? We have about 7 weeks before we close on the house and right now all I can think about is when will the condo sell? We had a second showing last night and they said that they are very interested and are considering a possible offer. So cross your fingers and say a little prayer (or a big one if you’d like!) that they come through with something that we can accept so we can be done with this part and be able to just look forward to moving in around the 2nd week of July!

So, here’s what we looked like a week ago:

And now for the hairy part of the house update. We gave Jonah a little buzz this week! Okay, so maybe it was a big buzz but he looks so cute! I like it so much better now because I can see his gorgeous eyes! The pictures aren’t the best quality but I think you’ll get the point!

What a Difference a Few Days Make

More pictures tonight of our new house! I can’t believe what a difference a week has made. We broke ground last Friday and today when we went over to the site we found walls! The foundation is there. The floor has not been laid so it is still gravel but we can already see what it’s going to look like which is very exciting. It also kind of scared us how small the basement looked because my mom will be living down there and we don’t want her to feel like she’s in a small, confined space. But we have seen this house completely finished (including the basement) so we know it’s not that small, but right now it’s kind of hard to believe! But we are sooo excited- have I mentioned that yet?!?!? So that’s the update for this week….more photos of the house next week!

Isnt’ it lovely?!?!?!? And they call NKU the concrete jungle!!!!!

This will be the kitchen and the walkout.

This will be the sitting area. Love the decore!

And for good measure-here’s some pictures of the kids! We had gorgeous weather this week and they spent a lot of time playing out on the deck. Here they are playing with water, medicine droppers (which the used to squirt each other!) and bubbles! I love spring!

She looks drunk! I swear it was just water in those droppers 🙂