Back in the Saddle Again

Thanks to an upgrade to a great new laptop we are back in action around here folks! Our desktop computer and our other laptop are so slow that it literally was taking me hours to get a blog post written, especially if there were pictures involved. I also have started a Mary Kay business which will require lots of online ordering, training, etc and I needed something fast. Spending an hour waiting for one document to download is ridiculous! And after the kids were out of school more than they were in school in January due to this crazy winter weather I grew frustrated that I couldn’t get them on any computer programs to work on math, reading, etc on any of the electronic devices in our house except the slow computers that they couldn’t do anything on. So thanks to a President’s Day sale at the Microsoft Store we obtained an HP Envy and I am loving it!! It is so nice to have a fast, reliable computer again. And this one has a touch screen which, let’s face it, just makes it cooler! lol

That means I am looking forward to getting the blog back up and running again. I’m missing sharing the ins and outs of our daily life with you. I’m missing the fun features I was participating in like What I Wore Sunday. I’m looking forward to getting back to Menu Plan Monday (cause I need the motivation soooo bad!!) And I’m excited to bring a new feature in March as we begin a family culinary adventure around the world, one country, one meal at a time (more to come on that later!). So I just wanted to let you know we are still alive and well here in the frozen Ohio Valley (which thankfully is thawing out, just to freeze again next week! Grrrr!!) Hoping you all are doing good as well. See you soon!!