WIWS- Black and Grey Edition

Thank you all for the kind comments on my What I Wore Sunday post last week, both here and on Facebook! You guys are awesome and made me feel so good! So thank you! So I thought I’d join in on the fun again this week! It was another busy Sunday for us but that’s kind of par for the course during the school year. I know God said Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but I just don’t know how that’s supposed to work!! lol

ImageGrey Turtleneck: No Boundaries- WalMart (?) I’ve literally had this top so long I don’t exactly remember where it came from anymore!

Black Lace Skirt: Anne Michael- Burlington Coat Factory

Black Leggings: George- WalMart

Belt: Heart Soul- Burlington Coat Factory This came on a red shirt but I love mixing and matching my belts with other outfits!

Black Ballerina Bow Flats: Steve Madden- Burlington Coat Factory

Jewelry: Miley Cyrus for WalMart

This week for PSR my class was about Piety and Prayer. It was the perfect day for it actually because we met in the library the last 30 minutes of class and prayed the Mission Rosary on helium balloons. The kids lead the Apostle’s Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be and some of the teachers introduce each of the mission mysteries. Then we took the Rosary outside and released it in to the air, raising our prayers up to God. It is probably one of my favorite things that we do all year long! You can learn more about the mission rosary here at Family Rosary. And here’s a picture from our Mission Rosary. (If I can get my computer to stop being SO SLOW!! I’ll try to add more pictures later!!) It takes a while to put together every year but I think the kids love it and parents always tell us how much they enjoy joining in with their kids! If you’d like more information on how to start a Mission Rosary service with your PSR or parish let me know. I’d love to email you the information!!

ImageAfter PSR we attended 11:30 Mass. All I can say is that Eli gets a big fat F in Mass Behavior this week and Micah was a solid D! Brianna and Jonah I’m not too sure about since I spent the majority of Mass in the Vestibule. It was one of those Sundays that Mass ends and I look at Steven and say “Well, can we just start this one over again?!?!” Definitely not our most stellar Sunday of recent memory. The best thing I can say is that Eli stopped screaming long enough for me to be able to go forward for Communion. Yeah, we were THAT family this week!! Oh well! You live, you learn and next week we take more snacks! lol

After church we went to visit Steven’s grandma and grandpa for a little while. It was a short visit. The boys were still bouncing off the walls and it doesn’t take much for grandpa’s nerves to start fraying. So we try not to overstay our welcome on days like that. But it was good to visit them for a little while.

We got the kids home, Steven and Eli went down for a nap and I got ready for a CRHP meeting at 4 pm back at the church. We are just in the beginning stages of putting our team together so we are meeting a lot more regularly than we will need to. After discernment on November 1 we will take November and December off for the holidays and then start meeting once a month in January. Right now it’s kind of frantic and busy but I’m looking forward to being part of another team.

When I got home after the meeting (in which I forgot to pick up keys to the convent so we ended up having to sit outside on the benches in the courtyard to have our meeting! Luckily it was a beautiful day and I don’t think anyone really minded! At least I hope not! Another big epic fail on the day!! lol) we filled our bellies with chicken stew and sweet potato muffins that mom had simmered all day. It was the perfect way to end a not so perfect Sunday. But it was still good!

Join in on the fun and check out more Sunday style over at Fine Purple and Linen. Have a great week everyone!


6 thoughts on “WIWS- Black and Grey Edition

    • I know right?!?! She was such a sweet child and now has gone totally off the deep end (reminds me a lot of Brittany Spears who I used to love!!) But her old clothing line was cute! Thanks for stopping by!

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