Throwback Thursday- Christmas 1999

Steven and I met when I started working at Thriftway on Alexandria Pike in Highland Heights in April of 1999. By November of ’99 we were dating. Thriftway closed in the summer of 2000 and the building has been torn down since then. We drive by the spot where it was often as it’s on our way to church and it sits at the entrance of NKU. Sometimes when we drive by I can still see it sitting there.

SCAN0127 SCAN0126(Sorry that last scan was so funky! I don’t know why it added so much at the bottom and the computer I am on doesn’t have a good editing system!)

A few things to note: 1) Once again Steven’s Sun-In blonde hair!

2) The Rachel from “Friends” haircut I am rocking. Oh yeah! Rocked that look for years!!

  3) Those high waisted, stonewashed jeans. Yeah, that’s a good look (said no one ever!)

Once again, good, good times! We are now 15 days away from the big anniversary! I hope you all are enjoying this trip down memory lane as much as I am!

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