Throwback Thursday: Photo Booths

One of the things that Steven and I loved doing when we were dating was getting pictures done in photo booths. You always end up with some pretty funny pictures when you get in those things. They are always a tight squeeze so half of someone’s head ends up missing or you are all scrunched down so it looks like no one has a neck! But they are fun and we ended up with some neat memories being captured in those booths! And who knew they’d become all the rage and that people would end up having them at their wedding receptions just a decade later! Below is one of my favorite “Photo Booth Photo Shoots” taken somewhere around the end of 2000, beginning of 2001. I would have been around 18/19 and Steven would have been around 22/23.


Good times! Just 2 weeks more until that big 1-0 anniversary! Keep coming back for more Throwback Thursday episodes!

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