Our Tiger Scout

I think I mentioned that Jonah joined the Tiger Scouts. He was so super excited the day he came home and asked if he could join.  Saturday Steven took him up to the Scout Store to buy his uniform. He looks so cute and so grown up! I’ll admit, it made me tear up a little to look at him.

jonah tiger

Yesterday they had their first pack meeting with all of the boys in the troop. Thanks to a wonderful invention called Badge Magic I was able to get all of the required badges on his uniform with no tears or pain! I seriously could kiss whoever invented that product because I can’t sew to save my life! If you have a scout and you’ve never tried this product you are missing out! Steven took the camera and got some pics from the meeting. Jonah sure looked like he was having fun! I was going to post them but since they also include other peoples children as well as clearly show the council name and troop number I decided against it. But he said they ate hot dogs and had a balloon toss. They also did a flag ceremony. And he’s well on his way to earning his first patches! Yeah! I think this is going to be very good for him.

Here’s to a happy and productive scouting experience my dear boy!


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