Hello World!

So it has been over two months since my last post. I actually started another post a million times for the next day in our big Fishkins Family Vacation but Blogger kept taking forever to load my pictures and then they’d get lost, and I’d get mad and so I just walked away! I decided it was time to change web hosts and begin again, so here we are. I’m excited to start fresh with lots of ideas for posts, and of course finish our vacation series!  But first, a quick update!

The kids are well on their way in to the school year. Bri is loving 3rd grade, although she is starting to complain that math, which used to be her favorite subject is hard! Luckily, someone has a mom who’s a math teacher so I think we can conquer this together!! She started dance again last week but we’ve switched studios. She wanted to add gymnastics and in order to do that we would have been at the old studio 2 days, back to back. It wouldn’t be so bad if the studio hadn’t been 25 minutes away. And it wouldn’t have been too bad if classes didn’t start right at dinner time, so I have 3 boys that I have to keep entertained, during dinner time while she was at dance. Which meant 2 days a week of eating out and we are trying not to do that as much. So we looked in to a studio about 5 minutes from our house. They had gymnastics, ballet and jazz which she wanted to keep and they had  a fun addition…musical theater. They learn a song and a choreographed dance and perform at the recital. Well, that tugged on this musical theater mommas heart so she’s taking that too. We are at the studio 2 days a week (Mondays and Thursdays) and the schedule on Monday is a little unusual (she has a 1 1/2 hour break between gymnastics and ballet) but since it’s only 5 minutes away from home it doesn’t feel nearly as overwhelming!


Jonah is really enjoying 1st grade. He has some friends in his class from last year so that made him really happy. His favorite subject is science but he says he hates reading! I don’t think he really hates reading because he loves to be read TO but I think he dislikes being expected to do it himself. I think his little ADHD brain moves so quickly that having to sit still and look at words on a page is almost painful for him. I have a feeling we will be looking at medication sooner than I would prefer. But I can tell it’s starting to affect his ability to sit still and perform his schoolwork. His behavior is actually pretty good at school. He switches to yellow occasionally but that’s been the worst of it. He came home from school one day begging to join Boy Scouts. This little guy never asks to join anything so we knew we had to consider it! We decided it would be a really good activity for Steven and Jonah to do together so we signed him up. So far he loves it! And I think this time with daddy will be really good for him. Right now, since he’s a Tiger Scout Steven or I have to be at every meeting with him so he’s already looking forward to next year and being a Cub Scout and going by himself! lol


Micah started preschool this year! We were able to get him in to a Catholic preschool near our house and were pleasantly surprised to find it was going to be affordable! You always hear about people paying an arm and a leg for preschool so we were very excited to find this program. He LOVES going to school! He goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and when I wake him up on those days he practically jumps out of bed! I’m glad he’s enjoying it so much, even if it does remind me every day that next year we reach the Kindergarten milestone!! Where does the time go? Seriously!! Micah is obsessed with football right now (oh yeah!!) Yesterday for the big Monday Night Football game we were all decked out in our Bengals gear. He kept saying all day “I’m ready for kick-off!” lol- he’s a riot to watch sports with!


Because of Micah being in preschool that means Eli and I get a lot of one on one time, which I will admit, I totally love! This little guy is growing in leaps and bounds! He has gotten 2 teeth. Yup, he’s 13 months and has a measly 2 teeth! lol- but that doesn’t stop him from eating anything and everything that he wants! He is walking like crazy! It feels like he just started crawling, now he is all over the place!! He is climbing the stairs, and is figuring out how to climb down them backwards! He climbs up and down the couch. He even gets himself off of our bed which sits up very high off the floor. It hasn’t stopped him at all! He climbs right down and then is off and running! (Well, not actually running yet, but he’s awfully close!!) He is “talking” like crazy and doesn’t actually say anything yet that we can understand but he’s getting closer. I think I’m starting to recognize da-da, anna (for Brianna), Nana (for my mom), something that sounds like yes and this and that’s about it! But he points to anything and everything he wants. He is still super lovey and is a great snuggler. And I’m happy to say I am still the one who gets the majority of his kisses 🙂 I really love this boy!


Steven is busy with work and PSR. He is currently studying for his Series 7, which he needs in order to be promoted to management. Hopefully he’ll be able to take his test next month and then a promotion won’t be too far behind! He wants this more than anything and I want to see him achieve it! He leaves tomorrow for a trip to Wisconsin and will be gone for 3 days. If you’re the praying type send one up for me! I’m gonna need it!! Especially for my anxiety because knowing he’s on an airplane makes me a nervous wreck!

As for me, I’m enjoying my time at home with the kids and contemplating returning to work. It’s a huge decision to make but a position opened up at NKU and I always said if I could get a job at Northern I’d go back to work tomorrow! I’m polishing up my resume and application and am submitting it this week. It’s hard to think about going back to work, especially with 2 still at home most of the time. But student loans are knocking on my door. And it’s time to start paying them back! If this position can offer me enough to pay for daycare, pay my student loans, and help us to achieve a few other financial goals that we just can’t swing at this time I’ll consider it worth it!  If it’s meant to be, it will be!

I’m also dealing with some pretty chronic pain and fatigue. I’ve suspected for a while that I have arthritis (and we’ve confirmed through x-rays that I have it in my spine.) but I’ve had a flare up lately that has required me to wear a brace on my right hand and take NSAIDs daily. I’m not sleeping well and I’m tired all the time! I really need to figure out what’s going on. The wrist I’m having the most pain with I broke in a car accident a few years ago. It flares up occasionally but it seems to be happening a lot lately. I saw my regular doctor a couple of weeks ago. He had my wrist re x-rayed to make sure I hadn’t re-injured it, but it came back clear. He wants me to go see an Orthopedist that specializes in hands, but I think I’d rather go see a Rheumatologist. Especially since I don’t have a single joint in my body that doesn’t hurt right now. But without a doctor’s referral, which I don’t need for my insurance I have a feeling I’ll have to wait a while and by then this flare up will be over! So I’m contemplating what to do. Just go to the Orthoped or try to get in with a Rheumatologist anyway. Decisions, decisions!

So, that’s what we are up to! I hope to start posting a little more regularly and finish up our vacation series. It will all depend right now on my wrist. But here’s to a fresh start! 🙂


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