What a Difference 6 Months Makes

This little guy turned 6 months yesterday!
It is amazing the difference that 6 months can make! The little thing above that surprised us a month early, gave me the scare of his life by deciding he wasn’t going to breathe after birth, who didn’t like eating, spent time in the NICU, who made me wonder if we were going to have to worry about brain damage or developmental delays has turned into this:
And over the past 6 weeks he started doing this:
Rolling over!
He grabs anything that gets in his reach!
Forget it mom! You’re camera strap is not safe!
And over the past week or so he has decided that he likes doing this:
Look at me!
I know I’m starting to tip sideways mom, but no worries! Everyting is gonna be alright! (My FAVORITE Super Bowl commercial!!! lol)
 Eli has brought so much to our family and our home. I literally cannot imagine our lives without him in it! I was snuggling him the other night and I looked at Steven and said “I love this baby so much! Thank you for not letting me give up before we tried again. I can’t imagine my world without him!” Steven just smiled and nodded like “I know right?!!?” He really is just what our family needed! (But babe, don’t get the wrong idea or anything! We really are done now!!! 🙂  )
He really is a super baby! And we are looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months will bring!
Elijah’s Favorites at 6 months:
– His swing
– His play gym that he got for Christmas
– All of his owl toys
– Sleeping…he is a very good sleeper!
– His brothers and sister. He will smile and laugh whenever they come near.
– His daddy. He will turn from whatever he is doing when he hears Steven enter the room. 
-Grabbing onto anything and everything that gets into his path.
– Snuggling. Especially if you have boobs! 😉
What is he eating:
– Still mostly breast milk. 
– He’s tried rice cereal (not impressed) and bananas (thought they were OK, but he was also coming down with RSV when we tried them so eating wasn’t much fun at that time.) 
– His fingers, your fingers, everyone’s fingers!!
Things that make me mad:
– When he cries and you don’t get to him right away!!
– Being on his belly too long during tummy time. He can only roll back to front right now, still working on the other way. So he just gets good and ticked when he’s been on his belly for too long and doesn’t want to be there anymore!
– Being hot! He hates to be hot!!
Who do I look like?
– Right now he’s looking just like Brianna when she was this age. It’s almost scary at times! I hope he keeps his dark hair though! I have two blondes, I’d love to have two brunettes!
Happy 6 month birthday sweet baby boy! We love you so much and are loving watching you grow!!

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