Random Musings from a Pregnant Brain

1. Leggings are probably one of the most comfortable fashion inventions of the last 100 years!
2. Yes, a baby moving around inside you feels like an alien has invaded your body…but it’s a very cute alien!
3. Clingy toddlers are much harder to handle when you have a bump that starts to take over your lap and makes it harder to bend down!
4. Laundry is like taxes and dying, it’s inevitable and does not go away!
5. Keeping up with scrapbooks for 4 children is very hard, but it’s also very fun!
6. Your idea of a perfect evening is kids in bed, watching episodes of 24 on Netflix, with a personal pint of ice cream (any kind) balanced on top of the bump…my how things have changed since you were 18!!
7. 7 year olds who throw temper tantrums, roll their eyes, stomp their feet and slam doors are going to find it very hard to live until their 8th birthday if they continue with said behavior!
8. 7 year olds who kiss and talk to the baby in your belly every morning before they leave for school earn one more day to be alive!
9. School is almost out for the summer- Lord help me! On second thought, Lord help them!
10. Lazy days by the pool laughing with my girlfriends may be just what the doctor ordered…so on second thought…bring it on!!!
These are the things that run through my brain right now. Yes, they are random. Yes, you can probably relate. And no, I don’t think delivery of said baby will help matters much. I think more than anything I have mommy brain, and I’m not sure that goes away…ever!
Not really too much to report these days. We have another doctor’s appointment next week (your basic tummy measure, climb on the scale and let’s find out how much ice cream and candy you’ve been shoveling in!) but this time I also get to add my gestational diabetes test to this appointment! Fun, fun! I always look forward to drinking that orange sugary whatever they want to call it. Hopefully the results will be like all the others, it will come back negative and I’ll be fine to continue with my sugar feigning! lol
Well, that’s all for now!