Spring is Here!

I have actually started to miss my blog, which means, I believe that I’m ready to get back to it! There for a while it all just felt like too much and something had to give! For me, it was the blog, but now things are feeling more stable and steady. I think it’s time to make a come back!
A lot has happened since I last posted over a month ago. I turned 30! Yes, it happened, as much as I didn’t want it to! I wouldn’t think about it! Wouldn’t really mention it. I don’t know what the big deal was but there is just something about leaving behind the 2-0’s that feels so…final?!? I’m not sure what it is but I wasn’t really looking forward to it. But it came, and my family made it a great day! And it went, and now here I am fully into my 30’s and totally OK with it! LOL! I realized the other day I spent my entire 20’s pregnant or nursing another human being! I’m kind of hoping the 30’s aren’t like that! hehehe!!
Easter was great! It was busy like every other holiday around here but we were able to make it to church Sunday morning and then spent the afternoon/evening with Steven’s family at his aunt’s house. It was nice and relaxing. And the kids had a great time! It was a little chillier than it had been all week but they still spent most of the day outside which made this mama very happy!
By the dogwood tree before Mass…ugh! So dark! I need to learn photo editing! lol
That’s better-but Jonah! Gosh! Cheese much!?!?
Almost! One day we’ll get this right! lol They’re still cute!!
Back out by the tree-nope! Still too dark! Oh well!
The birthday cake my mom made for me to take to Steven’s family’s house. Isn’t it cute?!?!
And yes, I blew out all 30 candles with one breath! Singing lessons still paying off all these years later! lol- oh and you can get a glimpse of the baby bump! It doesn’t look as big from this angle but it’s there!
Speaking of the baby bump…this past Saturday we went to the doctor for an ultrasound. Baby is looking great! Measuring right on target (about 14 ounces, which is actually a little big for 20 weeks so maybe my wish of being induced early due to a big baby will come true!!!) and looks very healthy! We also found out that the bump can now get a name because…it’s….A BOY! Yes, we will be welcoming another boy to our family in August. Jonah was very excited, Brianna not so much! She cried big ol’ crocodile tears! She wanted a sister so badly!! I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed myself. I wanted to round out our family with another little girl. But the Lord has other plans for us instead! So, since we’re pretty sure that this one will be the last to join our family we spent the day totting to Bri all the ways that being the only girl in the family is pretty awesome! Like, never having to share your room! Or your clothes! Or your shoes! Your brothers won’t fight with you over your boyfriends (well, I guess that one remains to be seen! lol) and since mommy and daddy will only have to pay for one wedding….it’s gonna rock!!!! 😉  She’s finally started to come around and see the benefits. I think she’s gonna be OK. But what really melted my heart was when we were sitting in Bob Evans after the ultrasound waiting to be seated when Jonah looked at his Nina and said “Brianna can be the princess and we’ll be her 3 knights!!” Goodness I love that boy!!!
Oh and the baby’s name you might be wondering? 

Meet Elijah Zike Fischer!! 
We tossed around a few names when we found out we were pregnant. If it was a girl it was going to be Julia Marie after Steven’s great grandmother. For boys we tossed around Jeremiah (to which Steven would always sing “Jeremiah was a bullfrog!”…yeah that one didn’t stick around long!!!), Josiah and Elijah. Elijah won with both of us so it got to stay! We are already calling him Eli. It’s funny how that happens! His middle name, Zike is my mother’s maiden name. We felt it worked well as a middle name. So there you have it! Hopefully Eli will continue to behave himself in there and we will get to meet him soon! (But not too soon! lol)
Well, that feels like a pretty good update of what we’ve been doing. I’d promise to write more often, but we’ve seen how well that’s worked out lately! So I make no promises, but I will do my best to be better at this! I have missed it!