So Steven goes to get on the blog the other day and walks into the room and says “Did you delete the blog because I can’t get on it?” DID I WHAT!?!?! Ummmm….no!!! Come to find out Google had blocked it for “suspicious activity”…ummmm…well, I guess no activity could qualify as suspicious…I guess! lol  But anyway, if you’ve tried to get on lately and wondered why we disappeared it wasn’t me…it was Google!! But we’re back now and it’s time for an update!

Things are starting to feel normal again. The (all-day) morning sickness is finally gone! YIPPY!!! (insert happy dance here)  My energy is slowly starting to come back, although if I sit in place for too long I will fall asleep! (yes, church is a battle right now! lol) My appetite is definitely picking up. As in, I’m eating everything in sight! (Didn’t want to gain 40 pounds this pregnancy but we’ll see! lol) Now if only my motivation to get things in order in the house would come back!! Thanks to Steven I’m doing an OK job on keeping with dishes, laundry and that’s about it! Most days it looks like a tornado blew through here but one day at a time right?!? (or does that only apply to addicts and alcoholics?)

About 3 weeks ago the belly popped! And I mean popped! Those of you who know me in real life know that I am a very thin person. I’ve always been a really thin person and no amount of fatty fast food has ever changed that. So when I woke up one morning and realized the bump on my belly wasn’t going away and I couldn’t suck it in anymore I started to feel pregnant! (Without feeling like I was gonna puke my guts out!) That got pretty exciting! Since then the kids are in full talking to the belly bump mode. Micah walks up and waves at my belly often and gives the baby kisses. It’ll be interesting to see how he does when there’s a real baby here to talk to and kiss. I’m not sure he’ll be thrilled with the noises it makes or the smells it can emit but we’ll see! I’m not good at taking self-portraits so I’m going to have Steven take some belly shots this weekend so I can start posting them.

Other than baby news not much is going around here. OK, that’s a lie but it’s really just the general busy life stuff that comes with having a family! Our annual play at church that I am involved in once again this year wraps up this weekend which gives me my weekends and Mondays and Wednesdays back. This is always bitter sweet because I enjoy doing the show so much, but after 6 months I’m ready to get my life back! But knowing that I’ll have 2 month old when the show starts prepping next year and that I’ll probably be sitting it out makes me feel a little sad! It’s been an incredible run this year! I’ve loved every minute of it!

Steven has been accepted into the manager training program at work. He’s tried for the program several times now and never seemed to get it, even though they were constantly using him for manager coverage whenever a manager needed to be out. They knew he had it, but kept dangling it in front of him. He finally got it this last time and for the next month is working as a co-manager with his manager to provide coverage for his team while his manager works on a special project. It feels like he’s finally getting to where he wants to be (and should be really!) and I’m so happy for him! 

Jonah is doing really good in preschool. We had a review a few weeks ago with his teachers and he still hasn’t met his goals that were set out when he entered the program. So they are having him tested by PTs and OTs to see if they can identify the problems. But he is thriving in school! He loves going. It’s all he talks about all weekend long. And I love seeing him blossom into this independent little person.

Brianna continues to be our social butterfly who loves school and does really well. She blows me away with her reading and writing. She can always be found with either a book in her hand or a stack of paper that she has stapled together to write a book of her own. We definitely have a budding writer on our hands!

Micah is enjoying his afternoons alone with mommy. We grocery shop, go out to lunch or go home and snuggle on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which he never gets to watch when his brother and sister are around! He is such a sweet loving boy who at the moment is engrossed in The Polar Express, his current obsession. He walks around the house singing “hot hot! Oh we got it! hot hot! Yeah we got it! hot hot! Oh we got it! Hot chocolate!” all the time! It always makes me laugh! I wish I had some pictures to share instead of all the words, but we’ve been bad about pictures lately! We’ll have to start making up for that!

Well, that’s about it for now! I wanted you all to know that we hadn’t deleted the blog! We aren’t dead! And since the last post things have finally started to turn around. The weather is warming up too, which helps soooo much! Goodbye winter hello tornadoes?!?!? Let’s hope not but tomorrow has strong severe storms in the forecast. The closet under the stairs is ready to go, just in case! So we’ll take some belly pictures this weekend and get those posted- and maybe a few pictures of the others too! They’ve grown leaps and bounds this winter!