St. Nick

Celebrating St. Nicholas on his day in Advent brings a bit of fun and festivity into our home. His small treats and surprises help keep the spirit of good St. Nicholas, especially when stories of his goodness and kind deeds are told and ways to express his care for those in need are sought. Saint Nicholas helps us remember Christmas is a feast of love, hope, kindness and generosity. 
St. Nick has come!
Stockings are stuffed with treats!

Looks like the kids have bubbles and some toys to play with!

Brianna and Jonah checking out what St. Nick brought!

Micah looking at his candy!

Brianna loves her sock monkey!

Jonah in his hat and showing his Christmas Ornament!

 Each year we get an ornament as well!  This year we had a special ornament!  This ornament reminds us of our little one that we lost that would have been part of our family this Christmas, but now is our angel in heaven. 

For our child that we never met and is in heaven!

Kari’s 2011 Christmas Ornament – Glass Angel

Steven’s  2011 Christmas Ornament – Snowman

Brianna’s 2011 Christmas Ornament – Precious Moment

Jonah’s 2011 Christmas Ornament – Cars  

Micah’s 2011 Christmas Ornament – Curious George      

Last year our Aunt Robin gave us her Willow Nativity Scene when my Uncle David passed away.  It was missing something and the new addition is the ANGEL!  Isn’t it beautiful and such detail!  Advent is a time to prepare and to have some fun along the way.  St. Nick is a great story to read to the kids and the children really enjoy his visit!