Family Night Friday-October Week 1

You know what they say…the best laid plans go astray…well, they totally do! This week I ended up with a very sick child. Jonah started to run a fever on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon it was up to 102.7! He was burning up and miserable and woke up from his nap saying that it hurt to breath! For a mommy with kids with asthma that always says “We are going to the doctor!” Of course, it was late in the day so the doctor couldn’t get us in until the after hours clinic opened at 5 pm. I got him to the doctor to find out he had an ear infection (which I never would have suspected because he didn’t complain once about his ear!) and either strep or parainfluenza. The doctor decided not to test him for strep because he was already going to prescribe an antibiotic for the ear infection and if it was strep the antibiotic would take care of that too. If it was parainfluenza, which is viral, there was nothing they could do for it anyway. So we left the doctor with a prescription for amoxacillian and went to Wal-Mart to fill it. Luckily Steven had just gotten off of work and met us there so he could take Jonah home (the other two were already at home with my mom) and I wouldn’t have to drag a feverish, miserable child through Wal-Mart. Almost an hour later I finally got home. We got a round of antibiotics on board and sat down for dinner. After dinner we were all exhausted, especially Jonah. So we decided to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. So much for my family night plan! But tonight we are leaving to go to my mom’s hometown for their Fall Foliage Festival so it’ll be  a whole weekend of Family Time! lol  Just goes to show the need to be flexiable! Sometimes your plans work, sometimes they don’t! Guess I better start working on our Family Night for next week…if we don’t get boo’d we’ll be watching Spookley the Square Pumpkin and decorating pumpkins. If we get boo’d we’ll be booing our neighbors! Either way, it’ll be fun! Have a great weekend!!!

PS…we found our camera! But get this! Our camera card is broken! We slipped it out of the camera and it literally snapped!!! It fit in our computer to get the pictures off but it won’t go back in the camera!! I can’t believe it! So I have to see if I can find the other card, or go buy one before we hit the road this weekend! The drama never ceases around here I tell ya!!!


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