Do you Pinterest?

Well, I don’t know about where you are, but here it is hot and stuffy. That’s an understatement actually. It feels like 107 degrees outside, and that’s in the shade! In the sun they say to add another 10 degrees so that means in the sun it feels like a scorching 117 degrees! So, I think it goes without saying that we are stuck inside. In fact, we have been all week and for most of last week, the heat has turned us into hermits! And I’ve been a bad mommy! We’ve watched way too much TV, played way to many video games and done nothing of real creativity or brain power.

I especially have spent way too much time on my new favorite website: Pinterest. If you haven’t heard about it Pinterest is basically a digital idea board. You create boards and then as you are surfing the net, reading blog posts that inspire you, you can “put a pin in it” and pin the ideas onto your boards. I’ve only been Pinteresting for about 3 weeks now and I already have 19 boards created (travel, crafts, recipes, party ideas, styles I love, etc.) Pinterest saves the link which means at any time you can click on a certain pin and go back to the website where you found it for detailed information like the recipe or the tutorial of the craft you love! To say the least I am in love! In fact, I am downright obsessed! 

My favorite part about Pinterest is that you can follow other people’s boards and…wait for it…repin items that you like onto one of your own boards so you don’t have to go searching for them again!! Yeah, I know! It’s incredible!! If you are on Pinterest I’d love to follow you. Leave a comment with your member name so I can find you. If you want to follow me, my member name is KFischer1018. If you aren’t on Pinterest and would like to be, leave me your email address and I’d love to send you an invite! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do!

***Disclaimer*** I am not responsible for the housework that gets ignored, the children that will be left to watch TV while you are stuck to the computer, or the husband who starts posting any questions/comments to your pins in order to just get a response from you. Yes, it is that addictive!

4 thoughts on “Do you Pinterest?

  1. My 3rd attempt at leaving a comment! I remembered seeing your post about Pinterest. I recently was invited to the site. You were not kidding when you said it was addictive!!!though I am still learning the ropes. I did manage to repin a recipe from you for GODIVA Dream Cheesecake…looks like delicious!!

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