How We are Surviving Summer

Well, we’re in our second week of summer vacation and so far we are surviving. We went to Meijer and got an inflatable pool for the kids which they love! I think they have spent more time in the pool than they have done doing anything else! I sit on the deck under the umbrella and listen to them splash and play with a good book in my hands. It’s the best of both worlds for everyone. Today it rained so I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s. We ate pizza and drank soda and played lots of games. They enjoyed being out and about, and I enjoyed giving them a place to run wild for a little while, especially since getting outside was difficult. When we got home the rain had stopped so they played outside for a while. I love opening the garage door and letting them run between the garage and the driveway. It feels like an extension of the house, another playroom where you don’t have to worry about something spilling on the floor or if they start to get really loud. While they were playing it started to rain again, so they grabbed umbrellas and ran around like wild people. I remember growing up and playing in the alley behind my grandparents house when it would rain. We would splash in the puddles and just get good and wet. It was always so fun, and I went back there today while I watched the kids playing in the rain. We are about to snuggle up on the floor and watch Gnomeo and Juliet. Just another lazy summer afternoon.


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