Tonight I’m Very Proud to Be an American

We were laying bed tonight when my mom came upstairs and asked us if we were sleeping. We said no and she said “I wanted to tell you that President Obama is coming on at 10:30 to make a statement.” My first thought was “Oh ****, this can’t be good!” We sat up and turned on the TV. My brother, who works for a US Senator on Capitol Hill called my mom a few minutes later and said “You aren’t going to want to miss this…the buzz on the Hill is that We have killed Osama Bin Laden and we have his body in our possession. We don’t know for sure, but that’s the word!” Once again, I was glad to have a brother in the know. 

10 minutes later the TV stations started to confirm what he had said, OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD! The man who 10 years ago this September caused such great heartache in our country, who single handedly started a war that has been raging for years, is dead! After all the fighting, the loss of so many troops, pain and sorrow, the terrorist of all terrorists is dead!

So, what does this mean for us? Will the war end right away? Will our boys (and girls) come home? Are we safer? Well, no, no and probably not! Afghanistan needs to be stabilized before we pull out. We will bring our troops home, but it’s not going to be tomorrow! And unfortunately, we still have plenty of groups out there besides Al Queda and Bin Laden, who hate us and would like to see our downfall. But, for 10 years we have wanted to see the mastermind behind 9/11 and so many other attacks against our Embassy’s over seas finally get what he deserves. He has gone home to meet his Maker, and I’m just guessing here, that Allah is not going to bless him the way he was expecting to be blessed!

A job well done to the troops who brought him down! Thank you to all the men and women who work so hard and risk their lives on a daily basis to protect our freedoms and to protect us from people like Bin Laden. Stay safe and come home soon! God Bless our Troops and God Bless the United States of America!

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