Where’s Micah?

Sunday mornings are always busy around the Fischer house.  The boys are typically the first ones up so the cartoons are turned on and I hop in the shower to get ready for Church.  Kari is laying in bed still trying to wake up and Bri is still sound asleep.  As I get out of the shower I noticed that Micah wasn’t watching TV.  I look in the boy’s room thinking he went to play and he isn’t in there.  So I go to Bri’s room thinking he went to her, but she is sound asleep and still no Micah.  So that just leads to me thinking he went to visit Nina so she would feed him.  Where’s Micah? Low and behold this is what I found as I came down the steps and turned the corner.

 This little man pushed a chair up to the pantry, grabbed his Lucky Charms, and started to eat them on the couch.

You caught me!

I’m cute and you love me!

 Ok now since you found me I will continue to eat my Lucky Charms.

Nina did come up and actually poured all the kids a bowl of cereal.  She doesn’t know how we get away with just turning on the TV because as soon as her kids were up they had to be fed.  I guess we are LUCKY!!!


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