Valentine’s Tree

This year Mom really wanted to leave one of the Christmas trees up (yes, I said one! We had three this year!) and decorate it for more holidays. So the first up is the Valentine’s Tree. Everything on this tree was bought at the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1. lol) It was really fun to turn Valentine’s into ornaments and poke hooks unto hearts that had been broken off of sticks. We also made bows (or I should say Mom and Brianna made bows, I tried a few and then I was done!)  It turned out beautiful! And it was so easy-not a bad way to spend $10! I can’t wait to put together the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter trees. It’s gonna be a fun year! (There’s that word again!)

I am posting this for the first time to the following parties:



5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Tree

  1. The tree looks beautiful, what a way to make memories 🙂 My mom has done this every year since I can remember….and I say I want to do it for my kids but never have the space to leave the tree up 😦 I extremeely excited to finally have the space in a coupole of months and start this tradition with my kids…oh and its nice to see someone else doing this so I know, I nor my mom arent silly, haha….

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