Outside of the house decorated – Check!

Christmas is our favorite time of the year here at the Fischer’s.  We love to decorate the house and being on the corner we have to make sure the outside of the house is decorated!  We also have to make sure that our manger scene is up since “Jesus is the reason for the Season”.  Last year we were given this nativity set from a friend at church.  He was getting older and it was getting to be too much for him to put up each year.  None of his kids wanted it and he knew how much I loved it so they offered it to us.  We were so happy to accept it and give it a new home.  He made all of this from hand – thank you so much Art!
It is so amazing when it all comes together.  The kids enjoy it as well.  Since Kari and Anita went out I decided to be courageous and see if I can put it all together while watching the kids.  They were so cute.  As I was putting the wise men and shepherds together – halfway through it I put all the animals together and the kids had a ball playing with them in the garage.  Micah got bored since when he tried to ride the animals and they didn’t do anything so he found an old car seat – climbed up in it, started to suck his thumb and watch everyone else.  I wish I would have grabbed the camera because it was so cute.
Instead of putting in the front like last year we changed it up and put it in the side yard.  Anita had some green lights which was a perfect accent to outline the grass where the sheep, shepherds, and wise men are!

So Micah was getting tired so I laid him down for a nap.  This allowed Brianna and Jonah to go outside and play in the snow while I set up the Manger scene.  While setting it up neighbors stop and say “I love your Nativity”,  Our neighbor across the street called and left a message on my cell phone saying it all looks nice and they love the view from their windows.

No lights on the roof – kept it simple this year.  Partly because I didn’t take care of the nice weather since we were busy.  Also the blue lights on the tree on the front porch was a nice accent thanks to Anita!

Don’t the trees look nice – we added those this year! Except for the dogwood that was a mother’s day gift to Kari a couple of years ago.

We are so glad it brings joy and happiness to all – after all isn’t that what Christmas is all about.  Jesus is the light of the world and it’s up to us to keep the light going!  God bless everyone and during this Advent season we wait for the coming our Lord as we prepare not only our home but our hearts!


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