Trick – or – Treat

Celebrating Halloween, All Saints
Halloween (October 31) and All Saints Day (November 1)
Fischer Family Halloween 2010
 Halloween’s roots lie in an ancient pagan festival for the dead. While this autumn feast can be used for evil purposes, our culture celebrates it as an innocent night of begging and fun. We who believe in the light of the world can use it to celebrate the Light. “Hallow” means holy and the word Halloween refers to the night before the feast of all holies, or All Saints Day. Emphasize all things good, joyful and pure. Let your children know that they are “children of the light” called to walk in the light. (taken from  Our children are truly the light in our world and they bring so much happiness to us – especially when we talk about our faith!

We did the custom of trick -or- treating in our neighborhood.  This year we had a lot more houses because of all the building that has been taking place around us!  The kids love dressing up and going to see our neighbors. Nina bought the boys costume and Brianna dressed up almost all week as either Hannah Montana or Purpleicious because of Halloween parties at the local university, school and friend’s birthdays. With the help of Aunt Shelle she wore a costume that didn’t require making her hair or face purple for Halloween.

Brianna – MEOW
Can you see my bones?

Micah – WOOF
Our Children

The kids had a blast trick-or-treating through the neighborhood.  It was a little chilly so Micah went back with Nina and the rest of the gang that was passing out candy for us.  We took the patio set and put it in the driveway, along with the fire pit so everyone stayed nice and warm, or at least tried to.  We had the fog machine on the front steps and also had Halloween music playing. We sure know how to have a good time. When Nina came home from work we decided to decorate the yard.  We put streamers in the trees and put some lights up.  The lights, of course bring us back to tradition with the true meaning of Halloween before the secular world took over. 

Happy Halloween