Family Fun Day

Last Saturday we decided to take the kids to the Renaissance Festival to spend some time together. It’s about an hour drive from where we live but it was worth it! I had never been there before, but Steven had and he really enjoyed, and he thought the kids would too.

The first thing Brianna said when we got there was that we should have dressed up. There were lots of people wearing different outfits from the Renaissance era, and some in pirate garb since it was Pirate day at the Festival. It was a beautiful day so there were a lot of people there.

We listened to musicians, looked at lots of shops set up selling all kinds of different things (the most interesting to me was a set of armour on sale for $799!!!!), the kids rode on ponies and made sand art, we watched a jousting competition and just had an all around good time. Even Micah seemed to enjoy himself! I did a little shopping too and bought some delicious hand milled soaps. They smell so scrumptious and I’m slowly getting used to how my skin feels after I get out of the shower (it is really different than soap you would buy at the store!) But I have noticed my skin is silky smooth which I love!

We had a really good time together as a family and will go back next year, with costumes!

The entrance to the Festival

Rethinking a new form of punishment!!!

Look mom! I’m a princess!

Me and my biggest kiddos…after Jonah pushed Steven into the pond! lol

Making beautiful music. All the hands on activities were so fun!

Watching the ribbon dance.

Please daddy?!?! Please can I have a pony?!?!?!

Not me dad! I don’t want one of these! I’ll have a dinosaur instead!

I want to ride too!!!!

A happy family after a fun afternoon in the beautiful outdoors learning some history.

Good-bye My Queen! We’ll see you next year!

It’s Puzzling

My kids have a thing for puzzles. Brianna has loved putting together puzzles since she was a little toddler, and Jonah loves them now. The other day he kept himself busy for almost an hour putting together puzzles in the playroom while I was cleaning around the downstairs. I had to pause for a few minutes to get some pictures of him working because he was just so darned cute! 

By the time he was done he had put together 8 puzzles-the majority of them all by himself, with very little assistance from me. 

The only one he really needed help with was the T-Rex floor puzzle. It’s a really weird shape and is kind of tricky to put together so I took a few minutes and helped him. He was super proud of himself! And I was so super proud of my big boy!