Our Vacation-Day 2

Saturday, July 3rd was our second day in Washington, DC and also my mom’s 50th birthday. So because it was her day she got to choose what we did that day. She chose to go to the National Zoo. This zoo is incredible! And huge! And was crowded of course, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! And it was free…like all the other Smithsonian’s (you just end up paying $20 to park by the time that you are done there!!!) 
We got to see Andean (speckled) bear cubs, (the first that had been born in the zoo in 20 years!) the Giant Pandas (which were really giant!!!), some gorgeous tigers and lions, and other really fun things. The kids loved the zoo and we spent a fun morning there. 

Brianna and Jonah in the petting zoo.
Micah loved the fish in the aquariums!
Brianna and Jonah with the Andean bear cubs (which you can’t really see but that’s what is in that cage!!!)
She’s on a frog, in case you can’t see what that is!
For lunch we picked up picnic stuff and drove out to Great Falls National Park. I had no idea that this place existed in DC until I started doing research and planning for our trip. It is an incredible park built around the falls that occur along the Potomic river at that point in Maryland and Virginia. We were on the Maryland side along the C & O canal. We hiked out and found a spot for lunch and then surprised mom with a cake. (Who knew cakes from Whole Foods were so incredibly delicious?!?!?!) After lunch and cake we walked out to the falls, which were beautiful and felt like such a well kept secret.
Steven and I with the kids in front of the waterfall. You can’t see them very well in the background, but they actually are really big! 
My mom with her kids: my brother Michael, me and my brother Chris. 
“My Buddy…my buddy! My buddy and me!”
Mommy and her baby!
 One of my favorite pictures from the trip!
Nina with her crazy grandkiddos!
After our afternoon in the park we decided to take Steven and the kids back to the hotel to swim and we went out to Capitol Hill to watch the dress rehearsal for the Capitol 4th concert. The temp for the 4th of July was 103 degrees and we knew we’d never be able to sit out in that heat all day just to see the concert that night. So we caught the dress rehearsal instead. We got there just as the sun was setting behind the Washington Monument. 
We missed Darius Rucker, but got there right in time to see this guy:
If you can’t tell, that’s David Archuletta! We LOVED him on Idol! He was awesome! We also got to see Reba McIntire, who have loved for years! She was amazing, and did one of my favorite songs of hers, “Fancy”, which made me really happy! We had a great time sitting on the Capitol Lawn and listening to the great music. And of course, since the Capitol building is one of my favorites I had to get some pictures at night.
This is one of my favorites!
Of course I had to get some group shots too of us with the Capitol in the background all lit up (it’s soo pretty!!!)
Mom with her boys!
Mom and her girl. 
It was a great day in our Nation’s Capitol. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity! Happy 50th Birthday mom! I hope it was great and all you were hoping it would be! We love you!

2 thoughts on “Our Vacation-Day 2

  1. You are definitely having a fun filled vacation! Love the photos. Happy belated birthday to your mom. It's awesome that you have her with you. I long for mine alot. I would love to see some pandas! Wow. fantastic trip! Definitely once in a lifetime!

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