Since I’m still kind of new to this blogging thing, I need some help from some of you seasoned bloggers! I am starting a new meme, which will be up and running this Friday (YEA!!!) The thing is, I want one of those cool buttons that people can put at the top of their posts or on their blog for others to find the meme to join in on all the fun! (You know like Org Junkie has for Menu Plan Monday or The Simple Woman has for the Simple Woman’s Daybook) But I have no idea how to do this! So if someone could please let me know where to go to make one of these cool buttons I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!


One thought on “Help!

  1. I don't know if this helps, but to get the Weekly Wrap-Up button, I right-clicked the button on Kris's blog, then selected save as picture. Then to add it to the post, there is a picture link on the tool bar. If you want it to link back to the host blog, you can add the picture, then use the link button on the tool bar next to the picture button. Hope that helps!Jess

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