A Day in the Life of a Sick Baby

We’ve had all kinds of sickies floating around our house since Friday. We got to Indiana for the weekend and Micah was burning up. He felt a lot hotter than he really was (about 100.9 degrees) but he was miserable. Then the coughing started. Then Saturday night Bri and Jonah started with the coughing. And now the runny noses. Jonah felt like he was running a fever for a few days, but it was never very high, maybe 99 degrees at the highest which is OK. The most pitiful of course is Micah. It’s just so sad when a baby isn’t feeling well. I got these two pictures of Micah because it seemed like every time I turned around he was falling asleep…no matter where he was. One minute he was bouncing in his Jumperoo, and the next minute I see this:

The next day he was eating a bottle propped up in his high chair and I was unloading the dishwasher. I turn around and I see:
So sad, but it’s kind of funny how they can fall asleep anywhere! I wish I could!

One thought on “A Day in the Life of a Sick Baby

  1. He looks so cute. It is so sad when the littles are sick. The twins are sick with colds right now – drippy noses and such. They are so miserable.Thank you for visiting my blog this morning. BlessingsHoney

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