Spring Fling

How ironic that last night I was just saying to Steven that it was time to start getting rid of “stuff” and today I came across this challenge at my friend Britni’s blog (which she found originally on this blog called Life Frosting). The idea is to get rid of 100 things (ie freecycle, recycle, Craig’s List, trash, regift, etc.) by the first day of spring, March 21st. So I’m joining in and I encourage you to join in too! Let’s make 2010 a simplier year and get rid of all the stuff that is causing choas and clutter in our homes! My first oppurtunity comes on March 9th when the Am Vets are coming by for a pick up. I might reach all 100 items with this pick up! (I have a lot of baby and maternity clothes that I’m getting rid of!) But even if I do I’m not stopping there! Check back to see the running list on the side toolbar of the items as I get rid of them. And thanks to Chelsea for such a great challenge!
Spring Fling 2010

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