Need a Good Laugh?

In need of a good laugh? Just listen to a baby giggling away and you can’t help but laugh too. I found the following clip from Youtube on a genealogy website (of all places!) and Bri and Jonah watched it about 3 times, laughing until we cried each time. This little guy, Ethan is his name, is hilarious!

So I decided to look at some of the other laughing baby posts. Here’s another one. This kid has a GREAT laugh!

Then there’s Morgan. (So super funny!!!!)

Then there’s twin baby boys Peyton and Brennan, 4 months old, laughing at each other in their crib. Too cute, especially when Brennan (on the right) gets hiccups!

I know this is a lot of videos, but they were so cute, and really brightened my day! I thought someone out there might be able to use them too! Nothing like a baby laughing!


One thought on “Need a Good Laugh?

  1. OH my gosh, loved those videos. Aaron used to laugh like that when he was a baby and it was the funniest thing ever, people would stop and watch it was so hilarious. I wished my other kids would have done that but no one ever did. Too bad YouTube didn't exist back then! lol Thanks for bringing back some memories! —Amy

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