This Is It

Last night mom and I went out for a girls’ night and saw “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”. If you like documentaries and have even the slightest interest in Michael Jackson you should see this! As I’ve said before I love Michael Jackson, and I have since I was a young child. I was so sad the day that he died! I felt like we had lost something so magnificent from the music world. After seeing this movie I feel so much more profoundly what we lost that day!
If there was ever a doubt the sheer genius that was Michael Jackson, there are no doubts after watching this. He was involved in every aspect of his show from the dancing to the music arrangements to the lighting and costumes. The man knew what his fans wanted from a Michael Jackson concert and he worked so hard to give it to them. As they showed the behind the scenes of what it took to put together a 50 show experience like no other I mourned for all of the people that would never see it. Just from watching this you could tell it was going to be the show to end all shows! You could tell he was holding back to an extent, trying not to wear out his voice or exhaust himself with the grueling dancing. As I watched I could not believe that he was a man of 50! He was so energetic, so full of life! He looked strong, and his voice was strong! At points I had tears in my eyes because this just didn’t look like a man who, only days after some of the footage was shot, would be dying of cardiac arrest! All the reports of what a frail, fragile man he had become, well, they are eating their words after seeing this!
I felt so bad for his dancers, back up singers and musicians. It was clear that these people loved Michael Jackson, and it was clear that he loved them just as much. This was very much a family and I can’t imagine how incredibly lost they felt when they heard that he was gone! But I am glad that the world gets to see how hard he was working and how ready he was for this come back! He was going to take the world by storm once again, and I’m so sad that he didn’t get to do that! But I’m greatful that this footage exists (over 200 hours that were filmed for Jackson’s private library) for his fans, but more importantly for his children. Afterall, they were the reason he was doing this come back, so that they could see him perform at least once in their lives. I know it’s not the same, but I’m glad they have something like this to be able to look at and see why the world loved their father the way we did!
With a very limited running time (only 2 weeks) you don’t have much time to see it! So run, don’t walk, to the theatre to check it out. You won’t be disappointed! I know we didn’t want to leave when it was over!

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