Fall Fun!

Fall arrived early here, the way it’s seemed to for a few years now! (At least we don’t have snow yet…I am definately counting my blessings there!) But since we had such a wet summer it’s taken the leaves a while to start changing color, so we’re just now reaching peak color here and it’s gorgeous to behold! I don’t think anything beats a Kentucky fall (except for maybe a New England one!)

We’ve had some fun outside, although it’s been pretty cold for October and we’ve all just gotten over colds so we haven’t been able to be outside a lot. But a couple weeks ago for playgroup we went to a petting zoo and got to go on a hayride and pick out a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun!

Last night for Family Night we watched “Spookley the Square Pumpkin”. It’s a cute little movie about a pumpkin who is square instead of round and all the other pumpkins laugh at him and are mean to him because he’s different. But in the end they learn that being square is good and that Spookley was a very special pumpkin. It was really cute and taught a great lesson. For our activity we carved a pumpkin using The Pumpkin Prayer. If you’ve never heard of it you should check it out! Basically you cut the eyes in the shape of hearts to remind us to love all we see, the nose is a cross to reminds us not to turn up our nose at the things we’ve been given, the ears are shaped like Bibles to remind us to open our ears to God’s word, and finally the mouth in the shape of a fish to remind us to tell others of Jesus. It turned out so cute and was a great way to incorporate scripture and prayer into the evening.

We hope that you all are having a great fall! When it stops raining I’m going to get some pictures of our fall landscaping-it turned out so cute this year! We’re loving having a yard to decorate each season! So happy fall, ya’ll! Have a great time!

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