Michael Jackson- dead at 50

Okay, so some people may find this posting a little cliche, but I don’t really care! Today I am very sad over the passing of the great Michael Jackson. I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was a young child, literally. My earliest memories of Michael Jackson aren’t even my own but those of my mom. She remembers when the Thriller music video was being debuted on MTV. Her manager at Hardee’s was having a video party and her and my dad went, and took me with them. I was little…maybe 18 months old (maybe younger even than that.) Not many people had cable in those days, let alone MTV since you had to pay extra for it (kind of like HBO nowadays.) So anyway they took me to the party with them and mom says I stood pulled up in front of the TV bopping my head to the music. Everyone couldn’t believe that it didn’t scare me, just the opposite…I was intrigued!

My uncle Morty had a video tape (remember those?!?!!) that had the music video of Thriller along with a documentary on the making of Thriller, and several other videos from the Thriller album (Billie Jean and Beat It I think). I was around 3 or so and had to watch that video every time we went over to their house. I could do the Thriller dance, every move (can’t now but probably could if I watched it enough!) Anyway, my grandpa begged my parents to let me take the video home just so that he could have some peace! I thought about calling my uncle to see if he wants it back…but now it’s gonna cost him because that thing could be worth some money! I’d never give it up but I have a feeling it will become a collector’s item.

I don’t think there is a Michael Jackson song that I can’t sing word for word. And I have so many memories of dancing to them with friends and at dances. One memory I will never forget is the surprise appearance that he made at the MTV music video awards in 2001 with ‘NSync. The guys from ‘NSync had always talked about his influence on them as artists and he came out on stage during their performance of “Pop” and people went nuts! I will never forget that! Oh, and the first time he did the moon walk. Again, I was very young but I remember.

No matter what you might think of him in his personal life (which I must admit was very odd and very unhealthy) you have to admit that as an artist the man was a genius! Everything he touched was golden and he always surrounded himself with the best people from producers (Quincy Jones!), to writing collaborators (Lionel Riche, R Kelly, Paul McCartney, among many others) to choreographers. The man was a musical genius…and it’s evident the way he transcended generations. His career spand a 40 year period. How many artists can we say that our parents grew up with that we grew up with too? Not too many! I will miss seeing if he could have made the come back he was working towards because I think it would have been great…especially for his children to see!

Rest in peace Michael, away from the paparazzi, the critics, the pressure and the demons that you spent most of your adult life running from. You will always be the King of Pop…no one will ever take that title…it is yours forever! And your fans will miss you, but you’ll live on through your music, that much you can be sure of!

One thought on “Michael Jackson- dead at 50

  1. I was in 3rd grade when thriller came out. I lived in Rubidoux CA and had a yellow bike with a banana seat and loved break dancing. I had a michael jackson doll and a brooke shields doll and my neighbors and i would sit outside and pretend michael and brooke were getting married! LOL.

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