What?!?! 65 days!?!?!?!

Okay, so it’s been almost a month since my last post (Sorry!!!) and when I got on today to make this post I saw the little ticker at the top telling me that I have 65 days until my due date! I knew we were getting close but 65 days?!!?!?! That doesn’t seem like a long time! 9 weeks, 2 months, that sounds a lot longer than 65 days!!!! Good thing this is baby number 3 so there isn’t a lot that we have to do or buy. We have the crib…in fact, in the past month Jonah has weaned himself off of sleeping in the crib and sleeps in the toddler bed full time. We had to do nothing to make the switch! I put him down for nap one day and he said “No mommy! Big bed!” so I put him in the toddler bed thinking he’d get up a million times, but he didn’t! That night he slept in the crib, but from then on he has been in the big boy bed every nap time and bed time! (That was a little too easy!) We have the car seats, the stroller, the high chair, the rocker, the changing table…everything! So I guess the time is really sneaking up on me because we haven’t been in these huge preparations like our friends who are having babies for the first time! The only thing we need are summer clothes, because all of our newborn boys clothes are winter clothes (since Jonah was a December baby!) but I figure with him being born in July he’ll live in onsies the first month or so of his life since it’s so hot here during that time. I don’t feel a huge rush to go out and buy a bunch of clothes right now. Poor third children…..they get soooo neglected before they even arrive 🙂

Brianna’s last day of preschool was two weeks ago so we are getting into our summer routine. We try to get up at the same time every day, get dressed and brush hair and teeth before we ever go downstairs so we can just get on with our day. Lunch and naps are at about the same time every day and I’m trying to make sure that we do a weekly visit to the library for books, music, movies, etc (for them and me!!!) So far, things are chugging along. We have our days as everyone does, but so far they are still alive (and so am I!!!!) and we’re actually having a good time.

And with 65 days left the fact that I have had no real complications and am not on bedrest at this time is a miracle in and of itself…so keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting pics…yes I have been taking them using my FABULOUS new camera. But somehow, already, the USB cord that plugs into the computer for me to transfer pics to the computer has been lost! So until I find it, or replace it my pics are stuck on my FABULOUS camera until I go to Walgreens to dump them! Then be ready for a rain shower of pics…I guarantee it!

Okay, well that’s all for now. Just wanted to let you know that we’re all still here, and I’m really going to try to be better at posting during the kids naptime (which is happening right now! Alleluia!!!!) so you won’t have to go a month between news of us. For now, that’s all folks!