Sad and short post this morning. I got a call around 5 am that my Grandpa Adkins has passed away. He had a massive heart attack around 1 am and they couldn’t do anything to help him! This is so shocking and so sudden! He didn’t know that he had anything wrong with his heart. With the exception of a spot that he had removed from his lung a few years ago he has been a relatively healthy guy, so we are all in a bit of, well, shock right now! We are packing and getting the car ready for it’s first road trip to Bowling Green, something I was hoping to do next weekend for a baby shower, but instead we’re going now to lay my Grandpa to rest. I don’t want to do this, I am soooo not ready! But you never get a say to that do you?!?! Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. This is going to be very hard, but all my Granny’s kids are on their way to be at her side, which will make it a little easier (I guess!) I’m greatful today for a fairly large, close family who is ready to stand by each other and help each other through this. We have been blessed to have the time with Grandpa that we had, and I’ll cherish the memories I have of him forever!

We’re having a…Cho Cho?!?!?!

Everything is going well in baby making land! I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. My appointment was with the same doctor that delivered Jonah (the practice I’m in is huge-9 different doctors!) so I took Jonah with me to the appointment. He wasn’t thrilled to be at the doctor’s office at first- I think he thought we were there for him, but he calmed down and did really well. He got to sit up on the table with me and the doctor took his hand and showed him where the baby is at right now. Then we got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat which Jonah thought was pretty funny. It sounded like a train and that night when Steven asked Jonah if the baby had said anything Jonah said “Choo-Choo”! We laughed so hard! He’s going to be so disappointed when it’s not a train that comes out in July!!! But my blood pressure was perfect and I gained another 4 pounds (yea!) so we got the all clear until next month. I have been having daily headaches so he gave me some migraine medicine that I can take when I need to so hopefully that will help because I am sick to death of these headaches! Well, that’s about all to report right now, except that we got a new car which I’ll post picutres of when I take some and the car isn’t covered in snow! (Yes, we got more snow today! UGH!!!!)

We’re Still Here!

Sorry it’s been a while since the last post. You’d think with being snowed in for so many days I’d find time to write, but I tend to find other things that are screaming for my attention like, oh, laundry! (Have I ever mentioned how much I hate doing laundry!?!? Well, I do!) Then on top of everything else I came down with a cold that I just wasn’t able to shake. Every time I thought I was getting better I’d start feeling poopy again!

Today I feel much better though, and since the house is relatively clean (at least the downstairs that people see!) I thought I’d write a quick post to let everyone know we’re ok. Everyone heard about the ice and snow that came barreling through this area. Luckily we got more snow and less ice. By the end of the two day snowstorm we had about 8 inches of snow in the yard, and about a half inch of ice. The ice is always the worst part. People laugh at how when it snows out here everything gets canceled. Well, out west you usually don’t have to deal with the ice the way we have to deal with it here. It makes things very nasty, but boy is it beautiful! After everything finally ended last Thursday mom and I broke out to go get some junk food and we were just oohing and aahing at how beautiful everything was. Especially the trees! They were laced with ice that had snow on top of it and they just sparkled like cut glass! It was great to look at, even if it was a pain in the behind to drive in! Then on Tuesday we got more snow that started falling in the middle of the day, making the rush hour drive a nightmare. School buses got stuck and many slid off of roads, hence why our schools close when it snows! That’s a liability nightmare! Mom stayed home from work yesterday and we just spent the day watching stupid daytime TV and wishing the ground hog hadn’t seen his shadow on Monday! 6 more weeks of winter for us….oh please! Save me!

But, the kids did get out to play in it a bit, even though it is bitterly cold! Today the high is 20 degrees, and with the windchill it feels like 12 degrees. So you can’t get out for long. Jonah’s like his mommy, he doesn’t like to be cold, so he doesn’t last long outside in this weather! But Brianna loves it! She could stay out forever! She’s definately more like Steven who loves this weather! (Wierdo!!! LOL!)
I snapped a few pictures so you could all see our winter wonderland! It sure is beautiful, even if I’m ready for it to be gone! (And this weekend it might- it’s supposed to be 53 degrees on Saturday! YEAH!!!!!) And just in case you’re wondering, yes Jonah is wearing a pink snowsuit in one of the pictures. He doesn’t have a snowsuit and Bri can’t wear this one anymore so we tortured the poor baby and put him in a pink snowsuit! Good thing he’s too young to be forever scared!