Peek-A-Boo.. We See You!

Saturday we had the oppurtunity to get an early ultrasound. I had some bleeding early on and the doctor just wanted to check everything, and while we were at it make sure our dates were right. Well, there was no indication as to what was causing the bleeding, but since it’s stopped it appears to just be one of those many things that can happen in early pregnancy. So that was great news! The other news…we are exactly where we are supposed to be date wise, so my dates were perfect. How many times do you get to say that?

Today I am 14 weeks, officially out of the first trimester, and feeling very glad that the morning sickness is officially gone, and enjoying the little return of energy that I’ve gotten so far. The only downfall is that heartburn has replaced morning sickness as my new best friend, especially after chocolate…boo!

OK, so the reason for the post and what everyone wants to see…ultrasound pics. Being the third I could actually look at the screen and recognize some of the features before she said anything so that was kind of cool. And baby waved at one point (well, it looked like waving, I’m sure it was just an involutary jerk like the bounce that we saw later in the ultrasound.) If you can’t tell what anything is don’t feel bad…most people can’t. But the notes she wrote on the pics are pretty useful so hopefully they will help! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo.. We See You!

  1. Congrats on your new baby! That is so exciting! I saw emily nelsons blog the other day off Mary Beths facebook! It is so crazy how many people I have reconnected with through face book! I haven’t been a terrible blogger the last few months….3 kids has been kickin my but for like 19 months straight! But I will definitely try to keep in touch!

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