Peek-A-Boo.. We See You!

Saturday we had the oppurtunity to get an early ultrasound. I had some bleeding early on and the doctor just wanted to check everything, and while we were at it make sure our dates were right. Well, there was no indication as to what was causing the bleeding, but since it’s stopped it appears to just be one of those many things that can happen in early pregnancy. So that was great news! The other news…we are exactly where we are supposed to be date wise, so my dates were perfect. How many times do you get to say that?

Today I am 14 weeks, officially out of the first trimester, and feeling very glad that the morning sickness is officially gone, and enjoying the little return of energy that I’ve gotten so far. The only downfall is that heartburn has replaced morning sickness as my new best friend, especially after chocolate…boo!

OK, so the reason for the post and what everyone wants to see…ultrasound pics. Being the third I could actually look at the screen and recognize some of the features before she said anything so that was kind of cool. And baby waved at one point (well, it looked like waving, I’m sure it was just an involutary jerk like the bounce that we saw later in the ultrasound.) If you can’t tell what anything is don’t feel bad…most people can’t. But the notes she wrote on the pics are pretty useful so hopefully they will help! Enjoy!

Announcement Time!

We thought that it was about time that we filled everyone in on a little secret…we are expecting baby #3! We found out a little before Thanksgiving, and we’re now at the end of the first trimester so we feel like we can let everyone in on the little secret! We are due July 23rd, which is a definite change for us since Brianna was a fall baby, and Jonah was a winter baby. It will also be nice to be away from any major holidays (Bri was born a week before Thanksgiving, Jonah a week before Christmas!) But it will be very hot…and that also means a brand new layetter, because all of our newborn clothes are winter clothes! (Darn…a reason to go shopping for baby clothes! Whatever will I do with myself!??!?!)

We are very excited, even though we do think that we probably need our heads examined! Three kids will drastically change everything, but we didn’t feel like our family was complete just yet. Mom always said you’ll know when you’re done, and we just didn’t feel like we were there yet. (We’ll see how we feel after this one!) Brianna tells everyone that she meets (and I do mean everyone down to people she runs into at Wal-Mart) that there is a baby in her mommy’s belly. And she has put us on notice that it better be a girl, because she does not want another brother! LOL! Jonah says baby a lot, but to be honest he is completely clueless! He will be 2 years and 8 months when the baby comes (the same age I was when Chris was born) and I guess we’ll just have to see how he does. He is a very easygoing child though, so I think he’ll be ok as long as we are ok.

I am finally starting to feel better. The first trimester is always really hard for me, but the morning sickness (whoever named it that should be shot because mine is always more like all day sickness) is finally starting to subside. I’m starting to get my appetite back (which is good because I’ve lost about 7 pounds that I didn’t need to loose!) and I’m starting to get a bit more energy, but I’m trying not to push my luck there. I had my first doctor’s appointment on Friday and we got to hear the heartbeat. It’s always so nice and comforting to hear the heartbeat, and we also got another surprise, we get to have an ultrasound this coming Saturday. The doctor wants to check the growth and make sure all our dates are correct. It’s a little too soon to find out what it is…and we haven’t decided if we will or not. We didn’t with the other two, but I don’t know! This time I kinda want to know! So we’ll see when we get to that road!

So anyway. We just wanted to let everyone know our big announcement. The ticker at the top will be counting down the days with us (right now it’s nicely telling me I have 193 days left!!! Aw man!!!!) and I’ll keep you posted with belly pics and all that fun stuff! So stay tuned!

On An Eeyore Kind of Day

Today is the kind of day that would have made Eeyore happy. It’s grey and it’s cold, and the sky keeps spitting stuff that goes from snow to sleet and back to snow again. What a great day to stay in doors. We cleaned Brianna’s room this morning (dusted, windows, etc.) and then after lunch and Jonah was down for his nap Bri and I had some craft time. My mom got Bri a great craft book for St. Nick and I’ve been meaning forever to do something with her and just haven’t. Until today. We thought with the weather outside what a great day to make a snowman. So we went upstairs to my scrapbook stuff and picked out white paper, patterened paper, buttons, brads, markers and set to work. Bri is a craftly little thing. She loves to cut and glue and color. Of course there were things I had to do for her, like using the circle cutter to make the snowman’s body, but she did the gluing and drawing all herself. She was so proud of her little snowman (acutally, it’s a girl she pointed out to me, and insisted on drawing her some eyelashes, because only girls have eyelashes!!!) and of course, I had to get some pictures! So here’s my big 4 year old (YIKES!!!) enjoying her craft time with mommy!

Isnt’ it cute! I think it turned out adorable! And she did such a good job! Tomorrow she wants to make Christmas trees (yes, it’s a little late for that, but since we haven’t taken any Christmas stuff down yet I figure it can’t do any harm!) I think a tradition of mommy and me craft time has begun! Thanks mom for getting such a great book!