Let It Snow????

In the midst of packing yesterday I found a bag of cotton balls that was hidden in the back of one of our bathroom cabients. As I was cleaning out the cabinets I put them back in, in case we might need them between now and the move. Well, yesterday the kids found them! One of the best thing about kids is that they can manage to have a ball with the littlest things. Take, for example, our cotton balls. In the blink of an eye they were spread out all over the room like tiny snow balls. Jonah was tearing them apart and putting them in Bri’s hair and then he would laugh! He thought it was so funny! By the time the playing was over they both had cotton balls in their mouths (UGH!) and there were little strands of torn cotton balls all over my floor. It would have been so easy to get frustrated by the mess and flip out, instead I just let them have their fun, and then help me clean up after!!! But, they did have a blast and it kept them busy while I cleaned out another cabinet in the kitchen 🙂

Gives whole new meaning to the term “cotton mouth” huh!?!?!

Well, everyone have a great weekend! It’s gonna be hot here and I’m sure we’ll end up at the pool so I’ll post some pics for you! Pool pictures are always so fun!


5 thoughts on “Let It Snow????

  1. What crazy kids you have! And, what a good mom you are for not getting mad at them. I say, let kids be kids! You can always (well, usually) just clean up afterwards!! I wish it was hot here…it is chilly and rainy!

  2. You have the sweetest kids Kari! I just love them. I saw them at the pool yesterday and got to spend time with them, your Mom and your sweet husband! You have a great family…I was quite impressed. Hope to see them again soon!

  3. I love these quirky babies to death. . . to quote my favorite tv show – it may be a crazy life, but it is our life. thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my grandbabies.

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