We Have a Hole!

We broke ground on the house last week! They started digging it out on Thursday and then it rained Friday and Saturday so the hole filled with water! We went over on Sunday to see how much they got done and it was almost done. This week the weather is supposed to be gorgeous so they were hoping to lay the footers, pour the foundation and begin to put walls up! I can’t believe how fast they put these houses up but the faster the better…we can’t wait! Here’s some pictures that I took of our hole (and you’ll still see water sitting in it in some places) My goal is to go over every Sunday afternoon and take pictures of the progress. Eventually all of these pictures will become a scrapbook but for now my blog will do the scrapping for me! If you want to see what it will look like when it’s finished click here. This is the basement from the side of the house. This will eventually be my mom’s living room.

This will eventually be the garage.

This will become the bathroom and a computer room for my mom.

There’s Steven standing in what will be my mom’s kitchen. In the far right hand of the picture you see another hole. That is a drainage ditch that sits at the back of our property. Where mom and Chris are walking is where the back patio will be. We hope to be able to tier the back yard to make room for a swingset, a garden and maybe one day a pool.


4 thoughts on “We Have a Hole!

  1. As of yesterday we have basement walls poured and a walkout roughed in. It is starting to take form and you can begin to see what the foot print will look like. Brianna thinks my bed is already in the basement – I think she is a little jealous. . .

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