Easter 2008

So, it’s Thursday night and I’m finally posting Easter pictures! I’m such a slacker! We were in Indiana this year for Easter. My Grandma is selling her house so she wanted to have one last Easter there. So we went up to spend Easter with my mom’s side of the family.

Saturday night Bri colored Easter eggs with her cousin Chase. She was very proud of her creations!

Last year we found Ressurection Eggs at the local Christian bookstore. They are really great! There are 12 plastic eggs and each one has on object inside..except for the last egg which is empty. The different items represent a different part of the Easter story. For example, the first object is a donkey to represent the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. The final egg is empty to represent, of course, the ressurection. We loved the idea of the eggs so we bought them. Easter morning Steven hid the eggs around the living room and Bri and Jonah got to go hunting. After they found the eggs we sat around and read a little passage about each object as Bri opened up the eggs. We had to majorly cut it short because the passages were very long and she’s only three, but I think she got the point! Next year I think maybe we’ll hide the eggs at the begining of Lent and have them find two eggs a week in preparation for Easter Sunday. Maybe that will hold her (and his by then!) attention better!

Just a few more pictures… their baskets. I was proud of them because the candy was all homemade. This was something my mom did for us growing up and I’m so excited to be able to do it for my kids. It’s so fun and soooooo good! The only things we bought were the Easter window clings (they are gel and Bri loved them!!!) and Little People eggs that open and have little people in them. We try to keep Easter gifts pretty low key so as not to over power the real reason for the celebration!

And a few pictures of them enjoying their candy, yum!

It was a very nice Easter and I was grateful to be able to spend it with my family. It truly is my favorite holiday!


6 thoughts on “Easter 2008

  1. I just popped in to say Hi! I’ve been meaning to ever since you commented on my Lenten post. I am glad the Lord could use me to help inspire you!BTW, your children are just darling!Nice to “meet” you!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Don’t know how to write you back except to comment on a post… Not sure what causes Hannah’s throw-ups. It’s always immediately after a feed (while burping) or often while she’s still eating even. It’s about once a day, though today has been two or three times. I know she’s got a mucus problem today…her nose draining down into her throat, so I don’t know if that’s it today. We’re keeping an eye on it and I’m glad we have her 2 month appointment in just a couple weeks. We’ll see…

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