My Funny Valentines’

I have two of the funniest kids in the world! They make me laugh every day and every day I am so thankful that they are mine! Like I said, we’ve been starting to put things in boxes and packed away so that we can put the condo on the market (or have I mentioned yet that we’re moving?!?!?!). I was working in their room on Tuesday and just when I had everything clean and looking great here come the tornados! They can’t let anything stay clean for long, especially not their room. They got into the stuffed animal cabinet and dumped out all of the animals, and then spent a good 30 minutes playing in the cabinet. Bri shut Jonah inside and then Jonah shut Bri inside, and then they crawled in together. I’m kind of glad they had the idea though! Not only did it make for great pictures (that will eventually be totally cute scrapbook pages) but it prompted us to box up all of the animals and get them out of the way too! Thanks kids, for the laughs and all of your inspiration (whether it was intentional or not!!!!) I love you both so much!


4 thoughts on “My Funny Valentines’

  1. Your kids are so cute! When I read about the cute things they do, it makes me so excited for Taters to start doing all of that stuff! PS- Thanks for all your prayers and comments! You are too sweet!

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