Menu Plan Monday

It’s Monday- time for another menu plan Monday hosted by Orgjunkie.
Last week’s menu went pretty well, although I did have to rearrange some days due to crazy schedules, but for those who wonder the Santa Fe chicken was fantastic (although next time I think I’ll serve it over rice or noodles), the potato soup was sooo good (even though I did have a melt down because I thought it tasted too much like flour at first- you have to make a rouge (???) and I had never done that before- but hubby gave it an A+!!!) and the Hawaiian pork roast is going to be done today instead!
Classes resume for me today at NKU so this week’s menu isn’t incredibly amazing or even 100% set in stone, but by looking at the pantry this is what it looks like we’ll be eating this week!

Monday 1/14: Hawaiian pork roast, festive rice, stemmed broccoli
Tuesday 1/15: chili, corn bread
Wednesday 1/16: breakfast casserole, fruit salad
Thursday 1/17: herbed chicken (recipe on the back of the Lipton savory herb soup mix box!), potatoes, green beans
Friday 1/18: chicken and tomatoe rice soup
(This recipe is sooo easy and sooo good! You take 5 cans of chicken and rice soup- don’t add the water, 2 cans of chopped tomatoes- 1 with jalapeno if you want a little kick, 1 0r 2 cans chunk chicken. Mix it all together and heat 20 minutes @ a simmer. Serve with corn chips or tortilla chips and shredded cheese!!! YUMMO!!!)
Saturday 1/19: Date night! Kids with Grandparents!
Sunday 1/20: No idea! Probably whatever we didn’t eat during the week or leftovers!
So there it is! Here’s to a week of good eating! For more great menu ideas check out Orgjunkie‘s website!

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. You’re inspiring me to actually maybe try and stick to my menu plans and make them a little less ambitious. But who really wants to know that we go out to dinner 3x a week at least 🙂 I guess we’re supposed to be dating right!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today. I think you chicken and tomato rice soup recipe sounds great! I bet I can use it as a base for getting rid of other canned goods in my pantry!

  3. Jennifer, I love that soup recipe. It was given to me by a dear friend when I got married and it is wonderful! Enjoy! Lean, the hawaiian pork roast recipe is from Simple and Delicious magazine. I’ll post it tomorrow when I let everyone know if it was any good! Bert- keep it simple girl! It’s better that way!

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