Brianna Turns 3!

On Monday, November 19th Brianna turned 3 years old! I can’t believe that it’s been three years already since she came in to our lives. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday (and others it feels like a million years ago- especially during those wonderful 3 year old temper tantrums!)

On Saturday the 17th she had her first ever friends party. It was a Little Mermaid theme and she invited 8 little girls around her age. 6 of them came and she had a great time. They colored Little Mermaid pictures, played dance and freeze to Little Mermaid songs, attacked a pinata and of course, ate birthday cake. Mommy and Nina made the Little Mermaid cake with the help of a Wilton cake pan and we think it turned out pretty good! Tell us what you think! Her first ever friends party was a hit and the birthday girl had a blast!
Doesn’t she look happy?!?!?! Monday night we had the family over for chili and another birthday cake, albeit not as eloaborate as Ariel but it was still a darn good cake if I do say so myself! (and I do!) Now we’re transitioning away from the pacey (actually we cut her off cold turkey) and so nights aren’t so fun but I’m looking forward to a really fun year with our new 3 year old!

3 thoughts on “Brianna Turns 3!

  1. ok first off WAY cute cake. secondly I think your little girl is adorable! Kids grow WAY too fast. My baby is almost 4! =( ANd dont worry the tantrums get better.. (note sarcasm) As does having a 3yr old trying to use reverse psychology on you. Her birthday party looks like so much fun! We havent done a friend party yet, but i’m thinking this year might be the first.

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