A Regular Day

Today was a normal day. Mommy went to observations for school and then picked up the kids and we came home. I checked my email and had one from a good friend of mine from childhood, Megan Howard (acutally it’s Megan Hess now!). She sent me the link to her blog and got me thinking. I’ve been wanting to do a blog for a while but thought there was no one who would be interested in it. Then I thought about all the family and friends who don’t live nearby who would probably like to read about what’s happening in our life and see pictures of the kids. So here it is, my first blog! Most days will probably hold nothing special but hopefully you will all enjoy seeing what’s going on with us and leave us messages and maybe even start your own!?!?! (Sara and Derric- big hint!!!!) So welcome to the Fischer family blogspot! I hope it will help us all feel more connected and closer, even if we’re hundreds of miles away!

5 thoughts on “A Regular Day

  1. Thanks and what a cute way to show everyone the beautiful children you have. We are so blessed and prayers that the Good Lord continue to bless our lives. See you on Sunday and don’t forget Pancake breakfast.

  2. Kari! Nice work on the blog! I check in to my family and friends blogs all around the country almost daily! It is so fun to see what everyone is up to. So, thanks for doing this! I will check in often! PS- Your kids are adorable!!!

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