Saturday we went to the Cincinnati Zoo with some friends of our who have passes. It was a drizzly, kind of chilly day but those are the best days to go because all of the animals are out to play! If you’ve never been to the Cincinnati Zoo you need to go. I’d say it’s one of the best in the country.

We went because it was HalloZOOween, an event that the Zoo started doing several years ago. Kids come dressed up in their Halloween costumes and walk around the Zoo to different stations and trick-or-treat. It’s really great because they get more uses out of their Halloween costumes, plus they get more candy! (Well, that’s probably mom and dad’s least favorite part- unless they get our favorite candy of course!)

The kids looked super cute! Brianna is going this year as Princess Fionna from Shrek, and Jonah, well, he had to be her baby Shrek! They looked so cute and I can’t count the number of people who walked by and said “Oh look at Shrek! That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” And he really is, but I think my Princess Fionna is pretty cute too!

Kansas City Here I Come!

Okay, so I didn’t say I’d be perfect about updating our blog but here’s entry number 2, finally!

October 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16th we went to Kansas City, Kansas to visit our good friends, the Newtons. They used to live in Cincinnati (about 16 years ago) and then moved to Denver, and then Virginia and now are in Kansas City (actually Lenexa, which is about 20 minutes outside of Kansas City.) I was on fall break from school, a break that was very much needed so we decided to get out of town and go visit them.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and helped Denny and Dionne prepare for Brennan’s surprise 16th birthday party. It was really fun- it seems like whenever our families are together we’re helping each other with a party or wedding or something like that! (For example, 4 years ago today Dionne was in Cincinnati helping us with mine and Steven’s wedding!) Saturday was also Dionne’s birthday! Happy birthday Di!

Monday was definantly Bri’s favorite part of the trip because we went to the stables and she got to ride Dionne and Briel’s horses. Dionne’s horse is called Taz (short for Razmitaz!) and he is huge! And beautiful! Briel’s ponny is named Gizmo (Short for gizmos and gadgets!) and he is so pretty! Bri rode alone, with Dionne or Briel leading the horse; and with Dionne. She fell in love with the horses! I think we are in big trouble! We also went to an awesome park called Deanna Rose. This park doubled as a petting zoo and a history of Kansas outdoor museum. And the best part, it was all free! The kids loved it, even if it was a little chilly outside! (But what do you expect in October!) Monday night we went over to the square in downtown Kansas City and had dinner at Bucca DiBeppo. That was fun.

Tuesday we left for home, but before we left Denny handed us the top 100 songs from his opus, which we loved. The CD’s got us within an hour of home, so thanks Denny! He also inspired me to maybe begin creating my own opus. I don’t know if I could come up with 1000 songs yet, but I’ve 50 movies on my list already! I’ll let you know how that goes!

Just one more paragraph to this insanely long entry. Today Steven and I have been married for four years! I have so many wonderful memories of this day and we’ve created so many wonderful memories together since that day! I love you Steven, and I’m gonna love you forever!

A Regular Day

Today was a normal day. Mommy went to observations for school and then picked up the kids and we came home. I checked my email and had one from a good friend of mine from childhood, Megan Howard (acutally it’s Megan Hess now!). She sent me the link to her blog and got me thinking. I’ve been wanting to do a blog for a while but thought there was no one who would be interested in it. Then I thought about all the family and friends who don’t live nearby who would probably like to read about what’s happening in our life and see pictures of the kids. So here it is, my first blog! Most days will probably hold nothing special but hopefully you will all enjoy seeing what’s going on with us and leave us messages and maybe even start your own!?!?! (Sara and Derric- big hint!!!!) So welcome to the Fischer family blogspot! I hope it will help us all feel more connected and closer, even if we’re hundreds of miles away!